10 Unusual Ways to Lower Your Blood Pressure


Decrease sodium intake and take blood pressure-lowering drugs — these are some of the most common solutions to keeping the blood pressure within the normal range. But then there are also a few strange ways to lower your blood pressure, according to science. Here are a few that you may try:

Get Some Sun

We all know that sun exposure makes the complexion have a healthy glow. Plus, it’s no secret that the sun is a wonderful source of vitamin D. But did you know that getting some sun can also help keep high blood pressure at bay? Studies show that sunlight helps synthesize nitric oxide, a type of gas that causes the relaxation of the blood vessels.

Drink Some Beet Juice

Speaking of nitric oxide, there is a particular vegetable that is known to be rich in it: beet! What’s more, the striking crimson color of beet is a clear sign that it is loaded with antioxidants that fight off oxidative stress and inflammation, both of which can cause the blood pressure to soar.

Go Wild for Wild Blueberries

Another phenomenal sources of those oxidative stress- and inflammation-fighting antioxidants are wild blueberries, say nutrition experts. So go ahead and snack on them, or use them as toppings for your oatmeal, yogurt and baked treats. Worry not if you can’t find fresh wild blue berries as frozen ones are just as good.

Have a Pet

If you have always wanted a pet and your doctor just told you that your blood pressure could use some reduction, now is the perfect time to welcome Max or Coco into your life. Experts say that spending some time with a pet can help in reducing stress levels as well as blood pressure.

Opt to Volunteer

There are a bunch of reasons why doing volunteer works is good for the blood pressure. First, it allows you to make social connections, which is something that can reduce stress. Second, many of them allows you to be physically active — definitely good for the heart. Lastly, it lets you see that your own life isn’t that bad at all.

Hug Someone for 20 Seconds

Experts say that hugging your partner, family member or friend for 20 seconds or more causes your body to release oxytocin, a chemical that makes you feel secure and loved. The more you hug, the more oxytocin is produced, the better you feel, the lower your blood pressure gets.

Sing and Dance

Who cares if you’re not the best singer or dancer in the world? Just sing along your favorite songs and move your body to them, too. Based on a recent Japanese study, individuals who regularly sang and danced had seen reduction in their blood pressures. So take center stage and entertain your imaginary audience!

Eat a Filling Breakfast

Everyone knows the importance of having breakfast. But if your blood pressure is not within the normal range, consider going for a really hearty morning meal, suggest the experts. A study had shown that female participant who enjoyed a 700-calorie breakfast had more success in lowering their blood pressures.

Meditate in the Workplace

Even something as quick as 15-minute meditation while you’re in the office is good enough to help lower your blood pressure, experts say. Close your eyes and take slow, deep breaths — focus on nothing but your breathing. Meditating can help reduce those stress hormones, thus saving your blood pressure from rising uncontrollably.

Walk After Supper

It is a good idea to take stroll outside after having your dinner if you are looking to stay in the pink of health. By adding more light to moderate exercise to your day, you can lower your risk of high blood pressure and other heart-related problems. Also, walking is a great way to combat stress at the end of a busy day.