Lifestyle Are You Addicted to Sugar? Here are the Signs!

Are You Addicted to Sugar? Here are the Signs!

Not all forms of addiction will land you in jail or rehab. There is something that will leave you free as a bird but will ruin both your health and figure — sugar addiction.

It’s very much possible for you to be already hooked on this sweet-tasting white powder and not know it yet. However, the bathroom scale may give some clues. The same is true with some of the symptoms that intake of too much sugar usually brings. They include fatigue, headaches, depression and high blood pressure.

Confused whether or not you are addicted to sugar? Then continue reading. Below you will find certain things that may reveal the stark reality that you are dependent on sugar.

You are Not You Without Consuming Anything Sugary

Do you feel like you’re an entirely different person without sugar in your system? It’s a sign that your body is craving sugar that it cannot live without. So if you are having a hard time getting along with everybody without any sugar-laden stuff in your stomach, chances are you are a huge sugar addict.

Your Tummy is Always Complaining

The more sugar you eat, the more you will long for it. This is exactly the reason why your stomach is always churning, constantly asking you to supply it with lots of sugar. Even if you just have consumed an entire chocolate cake or bag of cookies, you still want more — that’s something that every sugar addict goes through.

You Spend Breaks Snacking on Sweet Goodies

Some people reach for a cup of coffee during their breaks to keep them going. Sugar addicts, on the other hand, get their hands on sweets and stuff their face with it. They can’t help it because sugar is the one that provides the energy they require to function, as well as the driving force to live.

You’re Always Breaking Your Promise to Quit Being Addicted

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Many of those who are hooked on sugar often set the date and time that they free themselves of their addiction. However, the minute they do so they find themselves compelled to step foot in the nearest donut shop or look for dessert recipes online. You are definitely a sugar addict if you can’t quit breaking your promise to quit.

You are Craving for Anything That’s White

Just because the saccharine white powder is not within your sight doesn’t mean that you are no longer dependent on sugar. Did you know that white bread, white pasta and other white stuff are made from sugar? All of them contain simple carbohydrates, which are made of just a single sugar molecule or two.

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You Want to Stuff Your Face with Meaty or Salty Foods

Nutrition experts say that your body always looks for ways to obtain balance. So if you are consuming way more sugar than you should, eventually your body will start craving meat and foods that are salty just to attain much-needed equilibrium. In a way, one addiction is replaced by another just to achieve balance within.

You’re Unhappy with the Way You Look

There is no denying that being hooked on sugar can make you gain weight. This is most especially true if you are not getting your regular dose of exercise. It’s not just your figure, however, that is placed on the line. You will notice that your skin appears unhealthy and aged, keeping you from looking and feeling beautiful.

You are Paying Your Doctor a Visit Regularly

Definitely, too much sugar is something that’s bad for your health. Being addicted to it leaves you experiencing all sorts of signs and symptoms, thus causing you to step foot in a doctor’s office to complain. There’s a lot of health problems associated with excessive sugar consumption, and many of them can be very, very serious.

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