Age-Old Chinese Remedies for Stress

Traditional Chinese medicine got it all covered, from PMS symptoms to brain tumors. It’s also something that offers an array of herbal solutions and health practices for stress, which is something that a lot of people are facing.

So basically, what numerous medical investigations reveal is this: the higher the stress levels, the shorter the lifespan. This isn’t really a big shocker because it’s no secret that stress, if left uncontrolled and allowed to persist for long periods of time, can affect the body and mind in all sorts of negative ways, many of them really serious.

Dodging each and every stressor that life throws your way is virtually impossible to do. This is most especially true in this day and age — there are simply lots of things to accomplish in order to keep up with the rest of the world.

However, there are plenty of solutions for zapping stress throughout the day and particularly at the end of it all. From enjoying a relaxing bath, watching a TV sitcom to writing in your journal, it’s not that impossible to keep your stress levels to a minimum, which is important if you want to steer clear of the complications that stress is known to bring.

And then there are also time-honored Chinese solutions for combating stress. If you are looking for some tried and tested remedies for stress from the Far East, then take a look at the following choices that you have:


One of the most well-known stress-busting solutions from ancient China is acupuncture. As everyone knows, this is something that involves jabbing fine needles into the skin. The goal of acupuncture is to restore the proper flow of energy throughout the body, thus causing utmost relaxation of the stressed out mind and body.


Don’t lose hope if the idea of having your skin poked terrifies you as there’s a needleless substitute to acupuncture — it’s called “acupressure”. In here, pressure is applied to certain points on the body to help lower your stress levels. You may do this on your own at home simply by familiarizing yourself with various stress-lowering acupressure points.

Chrysanthemum Tea

Traditional Chinese healers usually recommend the intake of chrysanthemum tea for considerably lowering one’s stress levels. This time-honored tea works really effectively as it’s calms both mind and body. Due to its popularity for managing stress, chrysanthemum tea can be purchased even from your local supermarket.

Valerian Root

We all know that some of the most potent herbal remedies come from ancient China, and one of the most impressive herbs for stress from it is valerian root. These days, you can easily come across supplements and teas containing valerian root. By the way, valerian root is also good for anxiety, insomnia and those nasty PMS symptoms.

Jujube Fruit Seeds

Chinese healers from the yesteryears and today recommend the seeds of the jujube fruit to individuals who are battling stress. Even though the name is funny, its seeds are very serious when it comes to dealing with stress, as well as many other common problems such as poor digestion, low immunity and cancer.


There are a couple of meditative practices from China which you may employ to deal with stress effectively. One of them is qigong that integrates mental focus, deep breathing and proper posture. You may also opt for tai chi which is really a form of martial arts, but it’s non-competitive in nature and it offers numerous health perks.

CAUTION: Prior to trying any form of herbal or traditional remedy for stress or any other concern regarding your health or wellness, remember to inform your doctor first. This is true most especially if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, or diagnosed with a medical problem and currently managing it with prescription or OTC drugs.

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