Essential Oils that Banish Itchy Eyes and Allergies

Having allergies can be a real bummer especially when it leaves you sneezing constantly and have dry, itchy eyes. There are many reasons why we have allergies such as heredity, changing season, or you have a medical condition that sets you of in a sneezing frenzy. Whatever it is that causes your allergies to get triggered, you’re probably wishing that there is something that you can do to make it go away.

Although antihistamines are often suggested to provide you with allergy relief, there are other remedies that can be used to help alleviate your allergies like the essential oils listed below.


Eucalyptus oil contains anti-inflammatories that can ease the congestion in your nasal passages. Inhaling the cooling scent of this oil can make you feel relief from the allergies that you are experiencing. You can diffuse this oil in your room at night to help you feel better or, if you want, you can also inhale the scent from the bottle itself.

Tea tree oil

Another essential oil that can help you with your allergies is tea tree oil since it contains antibacterial as well as anti-inflammatory properties that can alleviate your itchy eyes especially during allergy season. This particular oil is commonly used in many facial cleansers because fits ability to reduce itching. You can also use tea tree oil to help treat skin conditions that you may have.


Citrusy scents can also be used to make your allergies disappear aside from making you feel wide awake. Lemon essential oil can be of good use if you want to alleviate the congestion in your nasal passages. Take note that if you are going to use lemon oil, you shouldn’t expose yourself to the sun as it can lead to darkening of your skin. You can diffuse some oil too to help make you feel better too.

Chamomile oil

If you are suffering from allergies, it would be a good idea to use chamomile essential oil to help you as it contains anti-inflammatories that can reduce the symptoms of allergies. Another plus to this oil is that it is also useful when it comes to treating your itchy eyes.

These essential oils have been found to be effective in banishing the effects of allergies without causing harm to you. Just make sure that you use them properly to get the best results.

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