Native Herbs and Foods to Combat Common Ailments

It’s not uncommon that we succumb to sickness every now and then especially when we are just pushing ourselves way too much that we aren’t giving our body time to rest. Colds, cough, fever, you name it, and you are bound to get it at one point or the other. Modern medications do help us deal with the constant aches and pains but with regular use, our tolerance to them can go up to the point that we will require higher dosage. Well, why not try something else?

Truth be told, there are native herbs as well as foods that you can use to combat these common ailments with little to no side effects. Here are a few that are worth mentioning.

Black cohosh

If you are suffering from hot flashes, menstrual cramps, fever, or even arthritis, the best thing to use is black cohosh. Taking this herb in pill form makes it easier for reducing the effects of menstruation or menopause while protecting you against cardiovascular problems too.

Juniper berries

Another natural remedy that has been found to be effective in treating urinary tract infection. Eating this or making a juice out of juniper berries can help flush out the toxins that are causing the infection in your urinary tract. Today, however, cranberries are recommended for UTI and other kidney issues.

Ginkgo biloba

Natives often used ginkgo biloba when dealing with signs of depression. What makes this fruit effective in fighting depression is the presence of gingkolic acid and flavonglycosides. This particular tree is referred to as the brain herb and you can actually get it in liquid, capsule, and in tablet form. Taking this herb has been found to improve one’s mood considerably.

Yerba mansa

Another multipurpose herb that you should add to your arsenal is yerba mansa. This is typically found in marshes having red stems and flower heads that have a spicy scent to it. You can boil the leaves of the plant to help soothe your aching feet and tense muscles. You can even prepare a drink with this herb to help ease stomach problems and for colicky babies too. If you can’t access one, a heat or cold therapy can help you deal with damaged muscles. You can also make a liniment using yarrow to help you provide relief from your aching muscles.

Oregon grape

The Oregon grape is quite plentiful throughout the west coast starting from Canada all the way to California. What’s great about this evergreen shrub is that it can treat inflammatory skin issues, banish pink eye, speed up recovery for those who are taking chemotherapy, and even boost digestive function as well. 

These are just a few natural remedies that can help make your common ailments disappear. You can take these if you want to treat your problems without having to rely on medication all the time.

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