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Things Do If Your Mouth is on Fire After Eating Spicy Food

Capsaicin is the reason why your cheeks turn red, your forehead gets sweaty and the entirety of your mouth feels like it’s on fire after eating certain spices like habanero, jalapeño and cayenne pepper. Unfortunately, no amount of water can make capsaicin go away, and so glugging down gallons of water is futile!

Drinking water, in fact, will only cause capsaicin to spread to other parts of your mouth, leaving you in more pain. There are only 3 things that can get rid of capsaicin: oil, fat and alcohol. The burning sensation can also be diminished by something cold, provided that it’s not water.

So the next time you are in desperate need to fight the raging fire in your mouth, skip reaching for a glass of water. What you need to do instead is count on the following proven effective eliminators of capsaicin:


Nothing can make that unmistakable burning feeling in your mouth go away much faster that drinking milk. The reason why this very common beverage is superb at neutralizing the effect of hot spices is its casein, a type of protein that’s capable of loosening the bond between capsaicin and pain receptors in your mouth.


The best type of this decadent treat for making your suffering come to an end is milk chocolate. It is for the obvious fact that it has milk and milk has capsaicin-eliminating casein. As a bonus, the feel-good effect of consuming milk chocolate can help you bounce back from the tragedy much faster.


Aside from milk and chocolate, you may also employ any dairy product that you like if you want to put an end to your woe. Again, it’s all because of the presence of casein. Other than this type of protein, there’s also something else in most dairy products that is known to help zap that burning sensation, and that’s oil.

Peanut Butter

Speaking of oil, there’s one oily kitchen staple that you may reach for each and every time you can no longer contain the burn that spices bring: peanut butter. It’s a good idea to let it stay in your mouth for a while to make sure that this spread well-loved all over the planet is given enough time to do its task.

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Just about any edible oil you can get your hands on may be used in the fight against the torture that capsaicin is known to bring. Olive oil is on the top of the list because it’s healthy and is very good at putting an end to the lingering sensation caused by hot peppers. Coconut oil is another excellent capsaicin fighter that you can rely on.

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For mild cases, you may simply reach for a piece of bread and put it in your mouth. You can think of bread as a mop that can soak up capsaicin, reducing the uncomfortable feeling going on. Aside from bread, you may also opt for any other starchy alternative such as rice, oatmeal and mashed potatoes.


Placing a spoonful of sugar in your mouth is another effective way to alleviate the pain caused by accidentally consuming hot peppers. Allow sugar to dissolve on your tongue and permit its saccharine might to fill your entire mouth. Scientists say that granulated sugar is the perfect one for the job.


Not a fan of sugar because of the health cons associated with its intake? Worry not. That’s because you can also terminate that burning sensation that’s driving you nuts with a tablespoon of honey. Again, see to it that you let this super sticky and super sweet substance linger in your mouth to obtain the best possible results.


Last but not least, you may also have a shot of alcohol such as vodka, whiskey or gin, which is very good at dissolving capsaicin. As a bonus, the alcohol of your choice can numb the nerves in your mouth temporarily, resulting in instantaneous relief. However, do stay away from beer as it won’t work.




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