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How to Solve Your Biggest Makeup Problems

It’s takes a lot of practice before one can transition from a complete makeup newbie to makeup pro. And if you find yourself somehow in between, don’t fret, millions are there with you too. Sometimes, makeup can turn out to be an utter and complete mess—flakey foundation, running mascara and smudging lipstick. But for all your make-up dilemmas, here’s a list that’s designed to make it all better.

Problem: Makeup that keeps on smudging and melting off.

Solution: Try a primer. 

If you’ve ever chanced upon your own reflection in the middle of the day and find that your makeup looks like it’s ready to melt off your face because of too much oil, then you might as well try a primer. These products are designed to make your skin smoother for easier makeup application, and for it to actually last a long time.  Primers are available in varying retail prices, of course, in drugstores and store makeup counters nationwide. For a fool-proof look, use a primer on your T-zone to neutralize oily skin, and some eyeshadow primer on your lids to keep your makeup from creasing.

Problem: Makeup that’s flaking off.

Solution: Use a setting spray.

Having ultra dry skin is another makeup dilemma that’s being experienced by millions of women. As opposed to oily skin, having dry skin results to flaking off, rendering your makeup foundation looking un-even and bumpy. Fix this by using a primer and a setting spray. Do your makeup routine as usual, an once done, spritz the setting spray on your face to give your makeup that much-needed staying power and a lovely dewy finish.  You may also do it several times a day to keep your look fresh and your skin hydrated. While many setting sprays are initially being offered at a rather steep price, more and more cosmetics brands are coming up with their own setting sprays that are more affordable for regular consumers.

Problem: Foundation that’s giving you a cakey look.

Solution: Blend it with a wet sponge.

Foundation that looks cakey and un-natural is also some of those makeup nuisances that people with dry skin have. If you are using a liquid foundation and would like a full coverage finish that looks natural, the trick is to blend the foundation using a damp sponge. The extra moisture in the sponge can help you blend the foundation better. Those egg-shaped sponges with rounded edges can aid in giving you a flawless finish.

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Problem: Dull-looking eyeshadow.

Solution: Apply a base.

If you want a sparkling, bright eyeshadow, you’ll be in for a sore surprise when you discover that it barely registers on your skin. Solve this problem by applying a base to make your eyeshadow color look more opaque. Your base can either be a cream-colored shadow or a cream eyeliner pencil. A universal base color you can employ is matte white color—this works with basically every other color out there. Add the base color to your lids then blend away. Once done, pat the eyeshadow color of your choice (don’t rub) atop the base and you’ll see that it will stick right into it and will look brighter than it would have otherwise.

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Problem: Liptint highlighting your chapped lips.

Solution: Use a lip scrub.

Those dark lipstick shades look great for cold weather, unfortunately, it can also accentuate those dry, chapped lips of yours and make it unpolished and un-even. This can be remedied by scrubbing your lips before lipstick application. Simply get your toothbrush and rub it gently across your lips to eliminate any dry skin and immediately follow it up with a lip balm.

Problem: Lipstick smudge.

Solution: Do the lip-pop trick.

Wearing dark lipsticks also comes with another common pitfall—lipstick smudges. If you are one of those gals who love a glossy lipstick finish, try the lip pop trick to ensure that your lip paint stays in your lips and not in your teeth. After applying your lipstick, place a clean finger inside your mouth and close your lips around it. The excess lipstick in your lips should come off with your finger once your pull it out, thus saving you from those tooth stains.



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