Healthy Picks 10 Reasons to Love Lovage

10 Reasons to Love Lovage

You may have not heard about lovage before, but it actually has a long history which dates back to ancient Rome and Greece. Experts cannot really say from which part of the planet this perennial herb originated exactly, but that’s not really important now — what matters is it’s currently grown all over the planet for everyone’s benefits.

Even though lovage is not a popular herb, the fact is it’s a very common cooking ingredient in some parts of Europe and Asia. Further, it is also used for flavoring alcoholic drinks and many other beverages. By the way, lovage is closely related to parsley, and that’s why it has an aroma and a flavor that is somewhat reminiscent of that well-known herb.

Here are 10 of the very lovely reasons why you should get your hands on some lovage:


It Eases Breathing Difficulty

Traditional healers use lovage in restoring comfortable breathing during bouts of the common cold, cough, flu or any other respiratory issue that clogs up the airways with excess phlegm and mucus. There’s also eucalyptol in lovage, which is a biological compound known to accelerate healing of various problems with the upper respiratory system.


It Relieves Indigestion

A cup of tea made from the fresh leaves of lovage is known to be very good at alleviating indigestion. The same beverage is also recommended for those who are suffering from bloating and excess gas.


It Lessens Menstruation Symptoms

Women who suffer from all sorts of unfavorable symptoms during their period may count on lovage to obtain relief from all of those nightmares. The herb is said to be highly effective against issues such as abdominal cramping and bloating, as well as loss of energy and depression.


It Soothes Painful Joints

People who are suffering from achy and swollen joints may enjoy having normal lives again with the help of lovage. That’s because it is proven to have anti-inflammatory properties. What’s so nice about relying on lovage for joint pain and swelling is it does not cause side effects associated with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs).

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It Helps Purify the Kidneys

Lovage is known to have mild diuretic properties. In other words, it helps increase urine production. This is the reason why the herb is commonly used for flushing out poisonous substances and bacteria in the kidneys.


It Dissolves and Flushes Out Kidney Stones

Drinking plenty of fluids and consuming lovage — it’s a combo that is highly effective in making those kidney stones dissolve, thus allowing them to be removed from the body. Again, it’s for the fact that lovage is capable of increasing the production of urine, which is beneficial for those who are prone to developing kidney stones.

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It Also Removes Waste in the Blood

The diuretic properties of lovage also make the herb very good at eliminating toxins in the blood stream. By increasing urine output, the kidneys are allowed to filter out impurities in the blood more effectively.


It Alleviates Skin Problems

Earlier, it was mentioned that lovage has anti-inflammatory properties. It’s due to this why it may be employed topically in treating acne and psoriasis, which are actually inflammatory conditions of the skin. With the help of lovage, unfavorable symptoms associated with the said skin problems may be alleviated all-naturally.


It Slows Down Skin Aging, Too

Antioxidants in lovage help slow down the appearance of aging signs such as fine lines and wrinkles on the skin. Both the consumption and topical application of lovage can help you look younger and more beautiful.


It Bolsters Your Immunity

Thanks to the antimicrobial properties of lovage, it can help your body fight off various diseases and allergies caused by invading microbes. But don’t wait for yourself to be ill before you take advantage of lovage. Regularly have the herb included in your diet to have your immune system strengthened.

Just an advice: using lovage medicinally should be avoided by pregnant women as it may actually induce contraction of the uterus.







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