Backpain: Facts and Home Remedies

Back pain is one of the debilitating conditions for people. Though the quality, location, and severity of pain vary, back pain is also one of the reasons of people’s absences at work or at school.


Causes and Epidemiology

Various factors are considered when it comes to back pain. According to Medical News Today, these some factors are associated with an increases chances of lower back pain development include a a sedentary lifestyle, stressful jobs, pregnancy, age, anxiety and depression, obesity, smoking, strenuous physical exercise or physical work.

About 80 percent of the United States populations will have low back pain at least once in their lives, as per Medical News Today. According to the publication, the condition is prominent to adults between 35 and 55 years, although it may affect people across the lifespan.


Signs and Symptoms

Back pain presents several symptoms. According to Web MD, the person may experience aching or stiffness of the back, sharp and localized pain in the neck and lower back, excessive pain in the middle or the lower back, and back pain that extends from the low back to the buttocks.


Home Remedies

While pain medications are available to alleviate back pain, a person may also do the following home remedies.

Ice and movement are two remedies for back pain, according to Web MD. Ice can be applied to the area in the first 24 to 48 hours of pain, as it has anti-inflammatory properties. In a statement, as cited by the publication, University of Maryland School of Medicine Physical Therapy Associate Professor E. Anne Reicherter said that even though the warmth felt good because it helped cover up the pain and it did help relax the muscles, the heat actually inflamed the inflammatory process. The person may switch to heat after 48 hours and it can be removed after around 20 minutes to let the skin rest.

Exercise is another remedy for back pain. According to Reicherter, the spins were like the rest of the body, they were meant to move. This can be done by doing the daily activities, such as making the beds or walking the dog, along with aerobic activities like walking, cycling, and swimming. However, these activities should not be overdone.

Rubs and ointments are also keys to relieve back pain. According to Healthline, the person may apply these on the back. They come in both minty and unscented versions, not to mention that spray variants are also available. Nonetheless, the effects of these agents vary from person to person.

Back pain does not usually result to immediate death, as opposed to conditions like heart attack. However, this type of pain may be part of an underlying medical condition that needs medical attention. Thus, it is vital for a person to seek medical consult from a health professional for proper assessment and medical advice.








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