Hepatitis B Home Remedies

Some cases of hepatitis B are acute in nature, which means the duration is less than 6 months. Then there are also chronic hepatitis B infections, and they can cause an assortment of complications. One of them is cirrhosis of the liver, and the other one is liver cancer. Both of these complications are life-threatening.

Due to the fact that hepatitis B can become chronic and very serious, it’s important for the liver disease to be treated by a doctor. There are also steps that may be taken at home, of course serving only as additions to the treatment mode recommended by a doctor. Some of them include:

Take Dandelion Tea

For many years now, dandelion tea is used by traditional healers for controlling liver inflammation, which is one of the symptoms of hepatitis B. This particular herbal tea is also known to help with the elimination of toxins in the body, a task that an infected liver may not be able to carry out properly.

Drink Beet Juice

Because of the impressive nutritional profile of beets, consuming them in juice form can be beneficial for anyone who is suffering from hepatitis B. Beet juice is especially high in copper, manganese and vitamins A and C, all of which can assist the liver in recovering.

Consume Artichokes

Scientists say that artichokes are very good at protecting the cells of the liver from damage, and that’s why the intake of these vegetables on a regular basis is recommended for anyone who has hepatitis B. Artichokes also help stimulate production of bile, helping the liver to carry out its digestive functions.

Add Garlic to the Diet

Thanks to the antiviral properties of garlic, the addition of this herb in the diet can help in shortening the duration of hepatitis B. It is said that the best way to employ garlic for dealing with hepatitis B is having it minced and consumed raw. However, the intake of garlic supplement is possible too.

Have Ginger Tea

One more herb that is proven beneficial for a person who is having a bout of hepatitis B is ginger. Consuming it in tea form supplies the body with active compounds that help reduce inflammation of the liver as well as kill off the virus responsible for hepatitis B.

Rely on Turmeric

Just like ginger, turmeric is revered for its ability to control inflammation and zap viruses. That’s why adding this golden colored spice in the diet can help in the management of hepatitis B, the various signs and symptoms as well as the disease itself. Turmeric also helps strengthen the immune system.

Eat Foods Rich in Zinc

Speaking of the immune system, it’s a good idea for anyone who has hepatitis B to consume foods that are rich in zinc because the said mineral can help the body fight off hepatitis B. Some foods that pack lots of zinc include spinach, beans, nuts, seeds and dark chocolate.

All of these are proven effective home remedies for hepatitis B. Then there are also certain things that a person with the said viral infection of the liver should avoid. Some of them are:

-Doing strenuous exercise as it can further deplete the already diminished energy levels of the person.

-Getting dehydrated most especially if vomiting is experienced regularly, as it can cause loss of lots of fluids.

-Having unprotected sex. It’s also important for someone with hepatitis B to tell his or her partner about the liver disease. Also, having him or her tested for hepatitis B is recommended.

-Sharing personal care items like toothbrushes and razors as it may cause spreading of the infection.

-Taking alcohol because it’s something that can cause damage to the liver.

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