Healthy Picks Snacks You Can Eat at Night

Snacks You Can Eat at Night

When it comes to snacking at night, there are a lot of big No-Nos. Health experts advise you to avoid snacking at night or near bedtime. Research has shown that late night snacking increases your risk of weight gain. It can also affect your sleep cycle and even how you will eat the next day. However, having the munchies at night is difficult to say no , mainly if it is preventing you from going to sleep. You can be smart with your snacking and have this healthy and approved snacks at night that won’t affect your sleep or cause stress eating. Read on to find out which snacks you can eat at night that won’t lead to comfort calories and overindulging.

Snacks You Can Eat at Night

String Cheese

May not seem the healthiest snack to eat at night. Yes, it is processed food, but it can be a great snack too. One serving of these delicious foods contains good amount of protein and fat. This can help make you feel full a lot longer. One serving will only cost you 80 calories. Cheese is also packed with amino acid tryptophan. This can make you feel drowsy. This is often why they advise us to drink warm milk to help us sleep. Check the packaging of your string cheese and make sure that it does not contain any type of sugar or is above 100 calories per servings.

Snacks You Can Eat at Night


You have to be careful when picking your yogurt. Some may contain high amounts of sugar that can prevent you from getting to sleep. It’s best to opt for nonfat Greek yogurt. These healthy and delicious snack is about 100 to 150 calories per servings. It contains tryptophan that contains relaxing properties that can help you fall asleep. It also contains a good amount of protein that can help you feel full and calm your stomach. It is a great snack if you suffer from indigestion or heartburn. It reduces the chance of you waking up due to your acid levels or stomach pain.

Snacks You Can Eat at Night


Not really something you’d be craving late at night, but a bowl of cereal makes a great evening snack. However, snacking on sugary filled cereal isn’t a good option. Anything that is high in sugar at night time is never a good option. It can get you too wired and prevent you from getting to sleep and can even give you a stomach ache. When choosing for a cereal to munch on at night look for something whole grain such as oatmeal, bran or corn flakes. This is easily digested and is only 200 calories or even less depending on your milk and brand of choice. The milk in your cereal can also help you get drowsy.

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Snacks You Can Eat at Night

Nonfat Chocolate Pudding

Chocolate is a common item that most of us crave at night and is often one of the biggest no-no’s when snacking at night since it’s packed with calorie and sugar that can keep you up at night. Thankfully, there is an alternative. Creamy nonfat chocolate pudding is a great snack at night. It doesn’t contain fat and can keep you full all night long. A serving of this delicious treat is only 90 calories a cup.

Snacks You Can Eat at Night

Apple and Peanut Butter

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Apples may not be the best snack before bedtime since it can make you feel more awake, but it is satisfying and filled with fiber. This makes it a great evening snack that can help you feel full faster and longer. Adding a spoonful of peanut butter to your apple can also increase the flavor of the snake. The protein in the peanut butter can also fill you up without upsetting your stomach or feel like you ate too much. Stick to only one teaspoon since peanut butter can pack a calorie punch. If you are not much for peanut butter opt for almond butter or other healthier options. People that have hyper acidity should skip the apple and opt for celery. Apples can be acidic and can increase your acid levels as you sleep causing heartburn.

Snacks You Can Eat at Night

Baby Carrots

One of the best snacks you can have at night is baby carrots. It is incredibly low in calories and high in nutrition. It has a satisfying crunch to it that tricks our mind into thinking we have eaten a lot more than we should. It also contains a relaxing property that can help you doze off. The best thing about it? It is completely fat free!

Most of us usually crave for unhealthy and fatty foods at night. However, combining your favorite ice cream and chips before bedtime will guarantee bloating and restless sleep. People are also more likely to overeat at night, the key to these snacks is portions. These may be healthy and low calorie snacks, but eating about 3 cups of it will have the same result as eating a small amount of unhealthy food. You don’t have to go to sleep hungry. All you need to do is stick to healthy choices and the right portions. We hope that these tips help you to be healthier and happier you.










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