Skin Care Tips and Tricks for Guys

Men are often amazed on how particular women are when it comes to skin care that many often shake their heads seeing their girlfriends, wives, sisters, or even mothers who spend money on skin care treatments. Well, men too need to consider their skin care routine if they want to be free from blemishes like acnes, lines, and even wrinkles because, believe it or not, you should also consider your appearance.

The good news is that the skin care routine for men isn’t too complicated and can actually help keep your skin looking young and fresh for a long time too. Curious as to how this works? Here are some tips for you to follow.


Men tend to have oily skin in certain areas especially during the afternoon. This excess oil can actually block the pores on the skin making it difficult for your razor to glide smoothly when shaving. With this being the case, you will need to cleanse your skin from any excess oil and other impurities. Use a facial wash to get rid of any oil and dirt build up before you even put your razor against your skin.

Follow a healthy diet

Diet plays a huge part too on how amazing your skin can be which is why you should take stock of what foods are stored in your fridge and eliminate those that are high in fat and salt content. A better option would be to have more leafy greens in your diet because they are good sources of fiber, protein, vitamins, and minerals that can help your skin to repair and heal itself from the inside.

Splash warm water

Of course, before you actually start shaving your weeks-old beard, you might want to splash some warm water first after cleansing your skin to help open up the pores. Apply a pre-shaving cream afterwards to moisten and nourish your skin so that it will be easier for you to shave afterwards.

Don’t rub too much

Women aren’t the only ones who need to go gentle with their skin as men too can aggravate their skin conditions when they scrub too hard. Too much friction and heat on the skin can cause inflammation and breakage that will open up your pores to more bacteria. Be gentle when using facial scrubs to prevent your skin from flaring up with acne and other skin issues.

Shave in the shower

A better option when you are planning on shaving is to do it while you are in the shower. This is due to the fact that the warm air can help keep your skin moist and soft so that your razor can do its job easily. Keep in mind that warm air can soften your hair so this is a good way to get a close shave.

Check the labels

If you buy skin care products, make sure that you read the label. Certain ingredients, like alcohol, can actually dry your skin when frequently used. Look for skin care products that are hypo-allergenic or go the natural route and use ingredients such as baking soda, eggs, aloe vera, and the like which are all safe to use.

Invest on the right tools

It’s easy to just buy any razor that you come across when it comes to shaving your beard but not all razors are built the same. If you really want to get the best results when it comes to getting a close shave without suffering from razor burns or any other skin issues that may arise from using a low quality razor, be sure to invest on the right tool instead. This will save you money in the long run, not to mention that your skin will thank you for it too.

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