Recommended Exercises for Tinnitus Management

Having some peace and quiet is virtually impossible if you are suffering from tinnitus. Actually, that ringing or buzzing sound in one or both of your ears is not a disease. Rather, it is a symptom of an underlying problem. So in other words, dealing with the cause is the way to make tinnitus go away.

Unfortunately, doctors say that up to 25% of all tinnitus cases are the permanent kind.

If you are one of those people whose tinnitus simply won’t go away, there are various medications and therapies around that are known to help in effectively putting tinnitus under control. Gadgets for masking it also come aplenty, from cell phone apps to white noise machines, and they can come handy at night.

Then you may also try a few exercises that are said to be beneficial for anyone who has tinnitus. Try performing these exercises recommended by the experts and see which ones of them are very good at providing relief:

Deep Breathing

Yes, deep breathing that is commonly recommended for people who are experiencing stress, anxiety and panic attacks can also be very helpful for anyone who is pestered by tinnitus.

Performing deep breathing for tinnitus relief is rather easy. All you have to do is inhale through your nose for 4 seconds. Hold your breath for 4 seconds. Afterwards, exhale through your mouth for 4 seconds. You have to do a total of 20 cycles, and then breathe as you would. If needed, do another cycle after a couple of minutes.

Muscle Relaxation

This exercise for managing tinnitus can be done while you are sitting or lying down, but it’s a good idea to perform it while you are at rest and the room is quiet because it requires a lot of concentration.

All you have to do is focus on a small group of muscles in one area of your body. Inhale and tighten those muscles for 5 to 8 seconds. And then as you exhale, loosen those muscles. This exercise has to be done progressively, which means you have to start from the muscles in your feet until you reach the muscles in your head.

Neck Loosening

Experts say that allowing the cervical part of the spine to relax can help in keeping tinnitus to a minimum. Three to five times a day, try to perform the exercise given below.

While sitting up straight, lower your chin to your chest. Interlock your fingers at the back of your head. Try to push your head back while your hands are applying a mild opposing force. Take note that you should refrain from overexerting yourself to prevent hurting your neck.

Head Tilting

This is one more exercise that you may perform three to five times every single day for reducing the impact tinnitus has on your life, and below you will learn how to do it.

Sit up straight and open your mouth as widely as you can. Once opened wide, relax your jaw muscles. Slowly and carefully, tilt your head back until you are staring straight at the ceiling. Inhale deeply through your nose and exhale completely through your mouth. Go back to the starting position and repeat.

After trying out some of the above exercises for a few days, do come back to this site and share in the comments section below which of them prove to be very beneficial for someone like you who suffers from tinnitus.

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