Home Remedies Using Clay

Clay may be considered as dirt before but it seems that it has now found a purpose when it comes to beauty. There are different types of clay that you can get your hands on lately with each one having its own curative effects. Most of these clays are high in mineral content such as copper as well as manganese which are known for their benefits to the skin. There are other home remedies linked to clay. Here are a few that are worth taking note of.

Treats acne

One way for you to use clay is to help treat your acne problems. Clay masks have healing properties that can actually remove the toxins that are present in your skin. It can also tighten your skin so that the pores will be smaller so there will be less chance of dirt, sweat, and other particles to getting stuck in them. You should leave the mask on for half an hour then rinse afterwards.

Soothes cuts and burns

If you accidentally cut or burn yourself, it would be a good idea to prepare some clay and water until you create a paste. Apply it on the affected area then wrap it afterwards with a wet gauze or plastic wrap to prevent drying. You should change the bandages every two hours and add more paste to soothe the burns or cuts. You will find that the wound will heal better this way.

Treats itching

Clay is also useful when you are suffering from itching because of rashes, chicken pox, or even insect bites. This is guaranteed to give you relief which is what you need because of the crazy bites that you are getting or the rashes that are frequent when the summer season begins. All that you have to do is to mix some clay powder with water until you create a paste then apply on the affected area. Allow it to dry on your skin until it starts to flake off. Rinse the rest with water.

Remedy for menstrual cramps

If you tend to experience cramps during your menstrual period, you will need help from clay. You should apply this to your lower abdomen at least two or three days prior to your menstruation. Leave it on for about an hour and half every day. Remove it afterwards with water.

For detoxing

Another way that you can use clay is to give yourself a detox bath. To enjoy the benefits of a detox bath, you only need to add a cup or two of the clay in your bath water then soak in it for 20 minutes. The toxins will be drawn out from your skin thanks to the electromagnetic properties of clay. Rinse your body afterwards.

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