FitnessEffective Exercises for Smaller Hips

Effective Exercises for Smaller Hips

Some women are willing to take the risk and spend tons of money just to enjoy fuller hips by getting fillers and implants. Others who naturally have big hips want to enjoy smaller ones to avoid getting lots and lots of unwanted attention, and also to make it so much easier for them to buy the clothes they want.

If you are one of those women who wish their hips were not as big and head-turning, read on. Below you will come across some simple exercises for making your hips smaller.

Turning your hips from massive to flattering means you will have to remove excess fat and also tighten the muscles situated in the area. To pull it off, you will have to combine healthy eating habits and regular exercise — counting on only one of these two can keep you from attaining the nicer figure you are dreaming about.

So make sure that you eliminate anything that’s loaded with fat and sugar from your diet, and include more fresh fruits and vegetables. At the same time, perform the following exercises regularly:

Climb Stairs

Always choose the stairs than the elevator when you are at the mall or in the office building. Each time you conquer flights of stairs, you are burning unwanted calories and working out the muscles in the hips. As a bonus, climbing stairs also flattens your belly and makes your butt tighter and shapelier.

Brisk Walk

Experts say that walking is the best form of exercise because it is perfect for everyone regardless of age and fitness level. But if you want to make your hips smaller, it is a good idea for you to brisk walk instead. This allows you to get rid of more calories and give your hip muscles the extra challenge they need to get toned.

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Ride a Bicycle

Another super effective exercise for making your hips go from gigantic to fantastic is riding a bicycle. Spend at least 30 minutes to riding it not less than 5 times a week. Or you may simply use it when going to the nearby supermarket or convenience store. Signing up for a spinning class may be done, too.

Learn Kickboxing

The fact that you need to do lots and lots of kicking makes it obvious that learning kickboxing is great for trimming your hips. It’s also something that helps make you target any other unwanted bulge on your body as it’s a phenomenal cardiovascular exercise. As a bonus, you get to learn some very serious self-defense strategies.

Hike or Climb

Want to be one with nature and other like-minded people while getting your hips in perfect shape? Why not try hiking or climbing? Doing so enables you to get the exercise you need to burn excess calories and tone your hip muscles, while enabling you to discover how spectacular the planet is.


If you wish to have more flattering curves and at the same time express yourself, consider taking up dancing lessons. As you shrink your hips by making those unwanted calories go away, it’s also something that helps boost your self-confidence. Having a lovely figure is best paired with belief in oneself.

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