Have You Heard of the Vitamin That Could Blast Belly Fat?

We all know that a protruding abdomen is usually due to lack of exercise and overeating. But did you know that scientists say that it can also be caused by a deficiency in a certain type of vitamin? If you are so frustrated that your belly fat refuses to go away even if you are monitoring your food intake and going to the gym regularly, read on.

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According to studies, participating individuals who had lots of fat in their midsection were deficient in a certain nutrient, and that’s vitamin D. You may have heard or read somewhere that vitamin D is crucial for fighting off osteoporosis or lifting the mood. Well, scientists say that it may also be very good at keeping the abdominal area toned.

Vitamin D is sometimes referred to as the “sunshine vitamin”. That’s because your body is actually capable of making its own stash of vitamin D — all you have to do is get your skin touched by direct sunlight.

You can also get vitamin D from certain foods. Unfortunately, they are not as abundant as food sources of, say, vitamin C or protein. And if you are like most people who steer clear of the sun by staying indoors or using sunscreen for fear of premature skin aging signs and skin cancer, it’s not unlikely for you to become deficient in vitamin D.

Do you have naturally-dark skin color? Then you are regarded as at risk of having vitamin D deficiency. It’s for the fact that your skin color is due to the presence of lots of melanin, a pigment that shields the skin from direct sunlight. With such being the case, your body may fail to produce enough vitamin D.

It’s possible that your being deficient in vitamin D is the one to blame why your excess belly fat refuses to go away even if you’re staying away from foods that are rich in sugar and fat, and you are also working out on a regular basis.

Actually, you may be able to guesstimate whether or not you may be deficient in vitamin D. Are you getting enough direct sunlight on a daily basis? Does your everyday diet consist of foods that are rich in vitamin D? Is your abdomen protruding even if you are working out on a regular basis?

If you answered “yes” to all of the above questions, then there is this possibility of you being deficient in vitamin D. But still the only way to get that confirmed is by sending a blood sample to the laboratory. These days, you may also get your hands on an at-home blood testing kit at the local pharmacy.

However, it’s not just a bulging stomach that you should be worried about if you are deficient in vitamin D. Experts say that there are so many different problems that may strike, too, if you are not getting enough of the said nutrient.

A weakened immune system, chronic fatigue, depression, anxiety, hair loss, muscle and joint pain, osteoporosis — these are some of the things that you may experience if you are not getting enough vitamin D from the sun and via your diet. Oh, and of course there is also a protruding abdomen, say the experts.

To avoid vitamin D deficiency, allow your skin to be touched by the sun, although make sure that you stay away from the sun between 10 in the morning and 4 in the afternoon. Also, always include vitamin D-rich foods in your diet. Some wonderful examples are fish, eggs, mushrooms and milk fortified with vitamin D.

You may also consider taking vitamin D supplements. But just like when planning on taking any other supplement, make sure that you let your doctor know about it first.

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