Sharpen Your Vision, Strengthen Your Bones and Others With These South American Cherries

If you live outside South America, it’s very much likely that this is the first time you have come across capulin cherries. They are very popular in places like El Salvador, Guatemala, Ecuador and their neighboring countries. But elsewhere on the planet, capulin cherries are virtually unknown.

That’s really sad because they are just as good for you as other types of cherries that are popular worldwide!

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Capulin cherries are aromatic round fruits. They are very much related to more well-known cultivars of cherries such as sour cherries, sweet cherries, Nanking cherries, western sand cherries and beach plums.

Their skin can be red with a hint of green to black-maroon, their flesh can be light green in color, and their texture is firm. When it comes to the taste of their juicy flesh, capulin cherries are kind of sweet yet acidic. Many people are comparing the taste of these cherry types to that of wild cherries.

Capulin cherries are typically eaten as they are. But just like most other kinds of cherries out there, they are often turned into juice as well as jams, jellies and preserves. They can also be stewed and used as stuffing.

Here are some of the most amazing health benefits offered by capulin cherries:

They Prevent Constipation

Capulin cherries are excellent sources of dietary fiber, giving them mild laxative properties. If constipation is a problem that you seem to encounter very often, then consider eating capulin cherries more often. Experts say that adding them to your diet may also help ward off hemorrhoids and especially colon cancer.

They Reduce Your Risk of Anemia

Every serving of capulin cherries yields decent amounts of iron. This mineral, according to doctors, is important so that the red blood cells may be able to carry oxygen to the cells and tissues of your body. It’s for this reason why the consumption of capulin cherries and other iron-rich foods can help prevent iron-deficiency anemia.

They Keep You Safe From Osteoporosis

There are a couple of reasons why the inclusion of capulin cherries to your diet today can help you dodge osteoporosis in the future. First, capulin cherries are good sources of calcium that keeps the bones tough. Second, these cherries also contain phosphorous, a mineral that helps keep calcium stay in your bones and not in the blood.

They Lower Your Infection Risk

If it’s seems like you are always suffering from the common cold or flu, it’s a wonderful idea for you to regularly add some capulin cherries to your diet. Just like other types of cherries, they are packed with vitamin C. Experts say that this particular nutrient is important for keeping the immune system up and running.

They Help Keep You Look Young

Vitamin C in capulin cherries is not only good for strengthening your immune system, but also keeping your skin young-looking. That’s because it’s actually an antioxidant that shields the skin cells from damage and accelerated aging. Also, it’s necessitated by the body for the production of collagen that prevents skin sagging and wrinkling.

They Let You See Clearly

You can also obtain vitamin A from every serving of capulin cherries. As everybody knows, this vitamin is especially needed by your eyes. If you are having a hard time seeing clearly at night or wherever there’s poor lighting, load up on capulin cherries and others that contain vitamin A to help you combat that night blindness.

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