Remedies Measles Facts and Home Remedies

Measles Facts and Home Remedies

Measles is one of the many contagious infections known today. Caused by the measles virus, the disease is easily airborne, in which the droplets from the cough and sneeze of the infected individual become scattered in the air.



According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or CDC, measles occurs across the globe, but the United States and some territories in the Western Hemisphere have been able to prevent further transmission of the disease. The disease is also highly communicable, as it has more than 90 percent recurrence rates among susceptible individuals, such as children, pregnant women, the elderly, and people with low immune system.

While researchers have developed vaccines as preventive measures for measles, the disease still stands as a considerable root of morbidity and mortality in children, as per the World Health Organization or WHO. According to the publication, the illness has its peak incidence in children less  than two years old in the developing countries.


Signs and Symptoms

Measles presents a number of signs and symptoms. According to Web MD, these include colds (runny nose), sneezing, sore throat, high fever, and hacking cough. The person may also feel tired and have sore eyes. The person also gets red spots in his mouth, which is followed by a rash throughout the body.

As detailed by CDC, measles starts in w range of ten to 12 days, with the exposure to rash onset averaging 14 days (seven to 21 days). As per the publication, it starts with fever, which goes as high as 103 to 105 degrees Fahrenheit and it is followed by cough, runny nose, or conjunctivitis (sore eyes). Then, koplik spots, the pathognomonic sign of measles, appear on the mucous membranes one to two days before the rash to one to two days after the rash. After that, these spots will appear as blue-white spots on the red portion of the oral cavity. The rash starts at the hairline and then spreads to the face and the upper neck, proceeding downward and outward to the hands and feet. These last for five to six days.

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Home Remedies

Since measles is caused by a viral agent, the management remains to be asymptomatic; meaning, medications are not the first line of treatment.

Turmeric are barley are some of the home remedies for measles, according to Top 10 Home Remedies. As per the publication, turmeric has both antiseptic and antioxidant properties, which make it efficient in relieving the symptoms of the disease. To prepare, the person adds a tablespoon of turmeric powder and honey to a glass of lukewarm milk. The resulting mixture is consumed twice daily each month. Another method is to grind equal amounts of turmeric root and tamarind seeds; about two and a half cups of resulting mixture are consumed thrice a day for two weeks. Also, half teaspoon of turmeric with bitter gourd juice and honey can be drunk at least daily for about a month.

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Barley is another agent for measles. As per the publication, it has vitamin C, antioxidants, and minerals, which act as counters to itching and skin irritation. To prepare, the person mixes one cup of barley in three cups of water. Next, the mixture is brought to a boil and then simmered on a low heat until it becomes reduced to have the amount of the original. Then, the mixture is allowed to cool and is strained, before sugar and salt are added to taste. The person drinks two to three glasses everyday for about a month.

Overall, measles is manageable due to its viral nature. In line with this, home remedies can be done, as well as seeking help from a health professional for adequate assessment, planning, intervention, and evaluation.






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