Learn About Intuitive Eating and Its Principles

It seems like there’s a new type of diet that pops out of nowhere every month, each one of them telling you to only have this or avoid that. But did you know that since the 90s there’s a diet that does not require you to focus on certain foods only or turn your back on some? If you want to know more about it, then keep on reading!

So what is this diet that’s the anti-diet? It’s called intuitive eating. Actually you can think of it as a lifestyle rather than a type of diet because it allows you to eat whatever you want to eat — no calories to count, no meal planning to make, no pre-packaged foods to purchase, no intake of special shakes, no popping of any pill in your mouth.

If you don’t like being told what and what not to eat, then you may consider giving intuitive eating a try — it might be the one you need in order for you to finally attain the figure you have been dreaming about. But before you get started, make sure that you have read its 10 principles:

Forget About Dieting

For many, what’s keeping them from seeing results is dieting. For you to lose weight, it’s a good idea to get rid of the problem — dieting. Needless to say, you should throw away your diet books and uninstall diet apps on your phone.

Eat When Hungry

You are hungry because your body is in need of nutrients. Staying away from food when your stomach is rumbling will only leave you unable to stop stuffing your face with some of the unhealthiest foods on the face of the planet.

Welcome Any Food Into Your Life

Intuitive eating does not categorize foods into good or bad — all of them can be served in front of you. The more you try to stay away from certain foods, the more you will crave them. So in order to keep cravings at bay, do not make yourself feel deprived.

Run Away From the Food Police

A police officer should be respected. On the other hand, the food police deserves no respect. During mealtimes, it’s a good idea for you to refuse eating with family members, friends and officemates who have the habit of telling others what and what not to eat.

Let Fullness be the Sign

Once you feel full, stop eating. So that you won’t miss clues that your body is giving you, avoid rushing each time you’re at the table. Also, be more aware and conscious of your meals — this will allow you to savor them and also stop eating at the instant that you’re full.

Go For Something Satisfying

In this day and age, it seems like no one has the time to eat slowly and enjoy what they are having. Intuitive eating encourages you to consider every single mealtime as something sacred, which means that the only things that should exist in the meantime are you and your food. 

Cope Without Using Food

Some of the unhealthiest foods are consumed each time a person is feeling stressed, anxious or depressed. Consider looking for a different way to cope with your emotions other than eating. It can be anything from writing in your journal to hitting the day spa.

Give Your Body Much-Needed Respect

Every person is a unique individual. By bearing that in mind, you will realize that there’s really no need for you to meet the often unrealistic expectations of society. Love yourself and things will fall into place.

Stay Physically Active

For many people, engaging in exercises that guarantee to burn the most calories in no time is a drag. Intuitive eating does not tell you to opt for exercises that allow you to lose weight quickly. Rather, it encourages you to opt for routines that leave you feeling energized and happy.

Make Your Health a Priority

Intuitive eating highly encourages you to welcome healthy foods into your life. You don’t necessarily have to avoid ice cream, pizza, donuts and fries — just eat more fruits and vegetables a day.

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