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Herbs That Heal a Toothache

We all know that a toothache is one unbearable ordeal. It can be a real problem if it chooses to strike at nighttime and the nearest dental clinic is already closed!

Luckily, there are some herbs that you can count on each time you are nagged by a toothache at an unfortunate hour of the day, and some of them may be in your kitchen, pantry or even garden.

So without further ado, let’s check out some of the herbs that are used for so many years now in dealing with a toothache naturally. See which of the following can truly deliver:


Some of the oldest and most reliable all-natural remedies for a toothache are cloves. Chewing on a few cloves can give you relief from a toothache almost instantly. That’s because the volatile oils in them are capable of numbing the nerves. Cloves have antimicrobial properties, too, thus helping to slow down microbial activity in the affected tooth until you have the opportunity to step foot inside the dental clinic.


A very common toothpaste flavor, peppermint is very good at putting an end to your toothache. Its cooling properties help you attain much-needed relief. In addition, it is capable of zapping microbes that are commonly the culprits behind a toothache. You may crush a few peppermint leaves and apply on the achy tooth. You may also count on peppermint essential oil for immediate reprieve from a toothache.


This popular culinary herb is known as an effective reliever of toothache. It owes its ability to deal with an aching tooth to its antimicrobial properties, which help manage some of the usual causes of toothaches such as dental carries and gum disease. According to proponents, thyme works best in dealing with a toothache brought about by gum disease when it is used in conjunction with mint leaves.


Even though it is a popular home remedy for the likes of stress, anxiety and insomnia, chamomile is actually an excellent fighter of toothaches. That’s because it is capable of dealing with both inflammation and infection. You can whip up a toothache-fighting mouth rinse by steeping a chamomile teabag in a cup of hot water. Allow it to cool to room temperature and rinse your mouth with it, making sure that it comes into contact with the problem tooth.

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Just like chamomile, lavender is highly popular among people with high stress levels, anxiety disorder and insomnia. It’s also something that you may depend on if you are dealing with an aching tooth. You may come up with a mouth rinse by allowing a freshly brewed cup of lavender tea to cool to room temperature. Consuming lavender tea at bedtime can also help you get to dreamland if a toothache chooses to bug you at the end of the day.

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Guava leaves 

Traditionally, guava leaves are employed for dealing with inflammation and infection. You may chew on some guava leaves if you want to put an end to that toothache of yours naturally and side effect-free. The best leaves for the job are tender ones. Also, allow those masticated guava leaves and their juices to stay in your mouth for several minutes to make that pesky toothache of yours go away in no time.


No kitchen would be complete without garlic in it. This means that you can always have a solution to that terrible toothache simply by heading to your kitchen. All you have to do is crush or mince a garlic clove and apply on the problem area to allow its antimicrobial and painkilling properties to carry out their jobs. However, you may have to look for a different toothache remedy if garlic seems to cause irritation of your gums.

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