Building your own personal gym at home is one way to stay fit and healthy at less cost to you. But with the number of equipment available nowadays, it might be a bit confusing as to which one to invest on. There are many factors that you need to take into account when it comes to starting your home gym such as space, the kind of workout that you want to do, and of course, your budget. Just to give you an idea on what tools to consider, here are a few options you might want to think about.


This is one of the best gym equipment to get you started. Dumbbells are called free weights which can help add more resistance to your regular bodyweight workouts. When searching for dumbbells, invest on those hex shaped dumbbells that have black coating because they tend to last longer than other dumbbells sold. Fitness pros recommend that you get 3 to 5 sets of varying weight to accommodate your development. 

Stability ball 

Another must-have equipment in your home gym is the stability ball. This ball is designed to tone and sculpt your muscles by challenging your core because of the ball being unstable. From squats, to working your abs, this ball will make your muscles burn in no time. 

Jump rope 

Jump rope may have been part of your childhood, sure, but don’t dismiss it as just a tool that you used to play with when you were a kid because it is actually a good addition to your home gym. Jump rope is perfect for warming your muscles up and can also improve your cardiovascular health too as well. Another reason why you should invest on a jump rope is that it will improve your eye to hand coordination. Don’t worry if you have forgotten how to do jump rope. Once you get the hang o jumping up and down while turning your wrists to work the rope, you will be doing more than a hundred reps before  long. 

Medicine ball 

Here is another tool that will be a worthwhile addition to your gym. The medicine ball adds weight to your workout making them more challenging than before. Incorporating this ball in your squats, or oblique training will definitely make your muscles more defined than before and will have you sweating buckets in just a few minutes too. 


No personal gym will be complete without a barbell. Compared to the machines that are often found in gyms, this free weight is much better because of the stability and coordination that it provides your training. The best way to find the right barbell for you is to look for a bar that is sturdy and not cheap nor expensive but just right for the budget.