Avoid Dandruff by Avoiding These Hair Mistakes

Dandruff may seem like a small problem, but if you have been suffering from it for a very long time you’ll understand how irritating and difficult it can be. It is an ailment that can be cured and prevented. Simply changing your usual shower routine, we can prevent and even cure dandruff. Switching your shower products and habits can make a huge difference. Using the wrong product or habits can trigger or worsen your condition. Dandruff is often caused by overgrowth of yeast. It can be caused by numerous things such as unsanitary habits, skin problems, excess sugar in the body, autoimmune diseases, skin sensitivity, etc. Knowing what the cause of your dandruff will help you cure it. With the cause in mind and using the right remedy or medication and still no changes. Maybe you are guilty of committing these dandruff causing mistakes? Find out how you can fix them.

  • Not Rinsing Enough

We often rush to shower due to our hectic schedule. We don’t spend a lot of time in rinsing our hair properly. However, this big mistake can be causing your dandruff. Even gentle conditioners and shampoos that are not properly rinsed can irritate the scalp. The left over product can cause the scalp to be irritated and inflamed, especially if you are prone to sweating. This can lead to an itchy scalp and cause your dandruff to worsen. Make sure that you rinse it thoroughly by spending about a few minutes until you cannot feel the product on your scalp.

  • Not Using the Right Shampoo

There are many shampoos on the market. There are different varieties of anti-dandruff too. Remember that not all shampoo will work for you, so try different ones and stick ones that work for you. If you really struggle with you dandruff, and no anti-dandruff is working for you consider medicated shampoo. These are designed to reduce irritation and inflammation of the scalp. You can ask a dermatologist or a trichologist for a prescription of medicated anti-dandruff shampoo.

  • Sweaty Scalps

If your scalp is already inflamed and irritated, you should do your best to prevent from sweat to linger on your scalp since it can make the problems worse. If you go to the gym regularly and do not shower after it, try to at least do a quick cleanse with water on your scalp. Sweat can cause further inflammation and itching of the scalp. As soon as you experience an inch on your scalp avoid scratching it that can lead to scarring. This can further cause dandruff. When your scalp start to itch due to sweat takes a shower as soon as possible. Just take note, do not scratch your scalp.

  • Not Checking the Label

Most people that have dandruff had sensitive skin. So, it is important for them to avoid harsh products. Products such as parabens, alcohol, synthetic colors, sulfates and fragrances can irritate the skin. These chemicals can be found in shampoos, conditioners, perfume, hair styling products and so on. When looking at labels can help prevent it from getting worse. Check if your shampoo contains parabens, dyes, alcohol or harsh salts. These chemicals can strip away all the natural oil in your scalp causing dryness and irritation. Opt for a cleanser that contain natural moisturizing agents. Conditioners that are also too heavy on the scalp should be avoided.

  • Using Heat

Remember that dandruff is caused by inflammation and doing anything that can aggravate it should be avoided and heat can easily aggravate the skin. So, when you usually use a curling iron, blow dryer or a hair straightener can add heat to your scalp that can irritate the skin and cause you to sweat more. When your dandruff is still at an all-time high avoiding using any heat styling tools is vital,  stick to cold blast when drying your hair or opt for air drying and opt for heat free curling methods. Also, using harsh styling products regularly can cause product build up that can trigger dandruff.

There are cases where dandruff is caused by a more serious health condition such as psoriasis. So, if you suffer from dandruff and have used every remedy in the book consider getting checked. They can help you identify if it is caused by an autoimmune disease or other internal issues that may require treatment or medication. Try removing or changing these shower mistakes too. This can prevent you from aggravating or triggering your ailment. Are you guilty of committing any of these shower mistakes? What did you do to fix it? Share it with us!








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