Should You Try Consuming Bird’s Nest?

No, the nest discussed in this article is not the kind that’s out of twigs and dried leaves. Rather, it’s a delicacy that is very popular in China and various other parts of Asia. While it’s true that the bird’s nest being talked about is in fact the dwelling of a bird, it’s something that is made from a shocking material. Read on to find out what!

Bird saliva — this is the material from which the edible kind of bird’s nest is made. There is only one type of bird that is capable of coming up with such a unique home, and it is a kind of swallow called swiftlet.

Unlike any other bird that creates its nest on tree branches, a swiftlet chooses to whip up its residence on flat surfaces such as the walls of caves and cliffs. For such task, it’s virtually impossible for the said bird to create a nest out of twigs and dried leaves that it can gather. So what a swiftlet does is use its very own saliva.

When exposed to air, the saliva of a swiftlet hardens and turns white. It sticks very well onto surfaces, allowing it to create a home where no other bird dare build one.

This results in a truly unique-looking nest that is white and gummy. But making it even more unlike a typical bird’s nest is this: it’s actually fit for human consumption. So much so that it is regarded as a delicacy in many places!

In China, there is a kind of soup that doesn’t come cheap, and it’s called bird’s nest soup. And you guessed it right — the main ingredient is the edible nest created by a swiftlet using its own saliva. It is said that a small serving of this incredibly unique yet highly revered soup could cost hundreds of dollars!

Is this soup delectable even if it contains the dried saliva of a tiny flying creature? The truth is bird’s nest doesn’t have a taste. In order for the soup that it is turned into palatable, the ones who cook them have to use seasonings.

So why does a tasteless ingredient make for a super expensive soup?

One of the reasons for the very steep cost of bird’s nest soup is the fact that harvesting bird’s nest is not an easy job. As mentioned earlier, a swiftlet prefers to make its nest on the walls of cliffs and caves, and this can easily endanger the lives of those who are gathering its masterpiece of a house.

The high demand for bird’s nest is another reason why a bowl of bird’s nest soup could cost a fortune. You see, in China and other parts of Asia, the edible nest created by a swiftlet is revered for its medicinal properties. It’s because of this why there is very high demand for it — the higher the demand, the steeper the price tag.

Are you eager to try an exotic treat and, more importantly, are you willing to shell out a huge sum of cash just for you to experience enjoying a serving of bird’s nest soup? It’s completely up to you to decide!

Proponents of the consumption of bird’s nest soup say that they get to enjoy the following perks:

Boosted immune system

Many of those who regard bird’s nest soup highly say that they enjoy lowered risk of infections such as the flu and common cold.

Strengthened muscles

It is said that bird’s nest contains protein that is very accessible to the body, making bird’s nest soup superb at building and strengthening muscles.

Improved stamina

Bird’s nest is thought to contain small amounts of hormones, and that’s why those who eat bird’s nest say that they get to enjoy superb staying power.

If you have already tried having a bowl of bird’s nest soup, feel free to share your experience with it in the comments section below!

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