Fitness Yoga for Correcting Bad Posture

Yoga for Correcting Bad Posture

Have you looked at yourself in front of a full mirror and noticed that you are hunched over? Or that one shoulder is higher than the other? It is possible that your posture may be due to hours of being hunched over your computer, or that you tend to go into a hunched position because you feel the need to protect yourself. Whatever the reason may be for your posture to go bad, you can always take steps to correct it so that there will be less aches and pains for you to worry about. How will you be able to do this? Yoga may be the answer that you are looking for.

Here are yoga poses that will help improve your posture:

Mountain pose

This may look like a simple yoga pose, but this is actually the best yoga pose to correct your posture. In this pose, you need to stand with your feet at hip width apart, with a microbend in your knees, then plant your feet firmly on the mat. Your hips should be in a neutral position at this point with your tailbone tucked under a bit.


In this pose, you will need to lie down on the mat with your toes stretched out. Position your forehead on the mat while keeping your neck in a long position. Your elbows should be bent with your palms positioned next to your ribcage. Now press down on the mat with the tops of your feet and as you inhale, raise your forehead palms, chest, and kneecaps off your mat. You should squeeze your shoulder blades back and together. Stay in this position for five slow breaths. As you exhale, release your position as you exhale.

Tree pose

This yoga pose is designed to teach you proper posture since you need it to retain your balance. To perform the tree pose, you will have to press down on your left foot while making sure that your shoulders are in the same line as your hips. Keep your spine elongated. Now raise your right foot and press its sole on the inner thigh of your left leg. Position your hands on your heart center or you can raise it towards the ceiling or the sky. Stay in this pose for a few counts then release. Do the same with the other leg.

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Cow face arms

Another yoga pose that can help correct your poor posture is the cow face arms. This yoga pose can help open up your tight triceps, shoulders, as well as your lats. Start by sitting yourself on a chair or even on a yoga block, with your right holding on one end of a towel or yoga strap. Now reach your right arm upwards, then bend at the elbow to bring your right hand towards the upper back. With your left arm straight down, bend at the elbow and use your left hand to reach behind your back until you grab the other end of the towel or the yoga strap. Walk both hands toward one another until they touch or as far as you can go. Hold this pose for a few breaths then release. Switch the positions of your hands and repeat.

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These yoga poses are worth trying out if you want to be able to correct your poor posture as much as possible. It is understandable that the poses will be difficult at first especially when your muscles are a bit tight, but once you get through them, you will see that you have become more flexible in the process.

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