Remedies Native American Remedies for Fatigue

Native American Remedies for Fatigue

For thousands years now, traditional Native American healers have been using all kinds of herbs for different health concerns. It’s for this reason why so many people put their trust in herbs and herbal preparations that Native Americans count on. In this article, you will come across some of the most popular Native American remedies for fatigue. Read on and kindly repost afterwards so that your family and friends may get to know them as well.


So many people associate ashwagandha with Ayurvedic healing, which is a form of medicine developed in India thousands of years ago. Not many are familiar with the fact that ashwagandha is also being used by Native Americans for so many years now in dealing with an assortment of health-related concerns. This herb is commonly recommended for Native Americans who are complaining of fatigue.


Perhaps guarana may sound kind of familiar to you. Well, you must have probably encountered it on the list of ingredients of some well-known energy drinks these days. Native Americans have long been using guarana for combating fatigue. It’s so effective at energizing an individual due to the fact that it has caffeine content. Definitely, the use of guarana most especially in high doses is not suited for people who are sensitive to caffeine.

American Ginseng

Throughout the planet, ginseng is a popular herbal solution for fatigue. It’s admired not only for its ability to sort out exhaustion of the body, but also that of the mind. So in short, ginseng can be beneficial for individuals who are suffering from physical and/or mental fatigue. Native Americans are known to use American ginseng for treating fatigue because it’s the most accessible type of ginseng to them.


It’s true that lavender is commonly used for relaxing the body and mind. This is exactly the reason why it is beneficial for people who are combating fatigue. Using this herb with a lovely scent can help reduce high levels of stress as well as insomnia, both of which can easily drain the body and mind of energy. Lavender can be employed for treating fatigue in the form of tea or as essential oil that may be massaged on the body.

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Another herb that’s commonly used by Native American healers is called rhodiola. It is especially beneficial for people who require considerable improvements in their mental or physical performance. A type of flowering plant, rhodiola these days is commonly sold in capsule and tea form. Other than for people who feel physically and mentally fatigue, it is also sometimes recommended for those who have anxiety and depression.

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To combat fatigue, it’s important to have the body properly supplied with all the nutrients that it requires. Native Americans deal with fatigue as a result of malnutrition with the help of sage. This herb works wonderfully because it aids the process of digestion. What’s more, it is revered for its ability to increase a person’s appetite. As a result of these beneficial effects, the body gets to obtain various nutrients.

Green Tea

Native Americans are not the only ones that take advantage of green tea for medicinal purposes, but also so many other nations on the face of the planet. Green tea is beneficial for individuals who are facing fatigue because it is capable of making the metabolic rate run faster — the quicker the metabolism, the more energy is generated. This is the reason why green tea is commonly added to weight loss supplements.

WARNING: If it’s apparent that your fatigue refuses to go away even after trying various Native American remedies for it, see to it that you pay your doctor a visit. In some instances, fatigue can be due to serious medical conditions that need to be identified and treated. Also, refrain from trying any herb or herbal preparation without first consulting a doctor.

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