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Cool Benefits of Carrot Seed Essential Oil

The truth is carrot seed essential oil comes from the seed of the wild carrot plant, and not regular carrots that can be added to salads. However, don’t be disheartened — even though the wild carrot plant is regarded by many as a pesky weed, the oil obtained from its seeds actually offers so many health and beauty benefits!

What makes carrot seed essential oil capable of offering numerous perks is the fact that it contains vitamin A. Yup, even if it’s not derived from everyone’s favorite carrots, this volatile oil is still rich in vitamin A. Of course there are many other powerful compounds in carrot seed essential oil that possess superb antioxidant properties.

Carrot seed essential oil has a very lovely golden orange hue. It’s not just its color that you will adore, however, but also the unique fragrance that it possesses — it has a warm, woody and earthy smell. Carrot seed essential oil can go very well with the likes of rosemary, bergamot, cinnamon, lime and geranium essential oils.

Now that you are acquainted with carrot seed essential oil — its plant source, appearance and smell — it is now time for us to focus on the most important matter about this volatile oil, and that is the fact that it offers really cool benefits. Some of the most amazing things that carrot seed essential oil can bring include the following:

Alleviated Excess Gas

Having excess gas is not only an embarrassing ordeal, but also a very uncomfortable one. That’s because it causes your belly to become distended, thus causing some pain. Massaging a little carrot seed essential oil diluted with carrier oil allows for a quick relief from too much gas and all the nasty symptoms it brings.

Flushed Out Poisonous Substances

Carrot seed is known to possess mild diuretic properties, meaning that it causes an increase in the production of urine. It’s exactly for this reason why the said volatile oil is commonly employed for detoxifying the body. Sometimes, it is also given to hypertensive individuals to help lower the blood pressure.

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Improved Menstruation

Another ability of carrot seed essential oil is it helps improves menstruation, which is referred to by medical experts as an emmenagogue. And this is why this oil obtained from the wild carrot plant’s seeds is commonly recommended to women who are experiencing unfavorable symptoms due to reduced or irregular menstruation.

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Boosted Body and Mind

Carrot seed essential oil is also revered for its ability to stimulate not only the body, but also the mind. A quick whiff of its earthy fragrance can help recharge the nerves and brain cells. Unlike caffeine, carrot seed essential oil increases physical and mental power without causing jitteriness, headaches, lightheadedness and heart palpitations.

Killed Off Parasites

One of the many uses of carrot seed oil in the world of traditional healing is for dealing with parasitic worms residing in the intestines. When employed internally for killing off those creepy crawlers in the gut, the best carrot seed essential oil for the job is the kind that has therapeutic grade.

Controlled Skin Conditions

There are so many problems concerning the skin that may be managed with the help of carrot essential oil. When used topically, this oil is known to help control psoriasis and eczema. What’s more, carrot essential oil has antimicrobial properties, making it ideal for disinfecting minor wounds and skin sores.

Reduced Aging Signs

Last but not least, carrot seed essential oil can also impress with its incredible anti-aging properties. Adding a little of it to moisturizers can help in improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Carrot seed essential oil is also superb at keeping the face from looking like a used frying pan — it helps control facial oils.

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