Summer season means more reason for you to spend your time outdoors. And although you’re going to love the smell and feel of fresh air, being food for the pesky bugs and mosquitos is not something we want to experience at all. Although there are bug repelling lotions and sprays available, they cannot do anything when it comes to repelling mosquitos from entering your home.

The problem with mosquitos is that they are harbingers of diseases, like malaria, which can cause some complications to your health. The question, however, is whether there are any steps that can be taken to prevent them from breeding in and around your home.

Fortunately, you can stop mosquitos from breeding and spreading, by adding these container plants in your space.


Marigolds are easy to grow in your garden, and aside from adding a bright color to your space, this plant can also repel mosquitos. But if you think that’s where its function will end, you might be surprised to find that marigolds can also help repel aphids, whiteflies, squash bugs, and thrips just to name a few.


Basil certainly livens up our salads and pastas, but this herb can also help keep mosquitos at bay. What you’ll love about this plant is that it gives off this certain aroma where you don’t have to crush its leaves anymore. This plant can be grown on areas where there is standing water so that mosquitos will not be able to lay their eggs in the water.


Citronella is typically added in many candles and mosquito repellents because of its ability to repel mosquitos. What’s great about this plant is that it is a low maintenance type of plant so you can grow it in your yard with minimal care. You can even mix it with other mosquito-repelling plants around your home to keep the mosquitos away.


What else can you plant in your container garden to keep the mosquitos away? How about some rosemary? The woodsy scent of rosemary adds that punch to our meals, but aside from that, this herb can also keep those pesky mosquitos from eating you. Even carrot flies and cabbage moths are repelled by this herb which means that you can place it beside your vegetables as well.


Another plant that you can grow in your garden and will look great in containers too, is garlic. The pungent smell that emanates from garlic naturally drives away mosquitos which is great especially if you want to protect your family from being bitten. You can squeeze some on your skin to keep the mosquitos at bay, but the smell can be deterrent to others.


Are you wondering why your lavender plant remains alive even when there are insects, animals, and other pests in the area? Well, this is due to the lovely smell that the plant is giving off which comes from the oils that are found on the plant’s leaves. What’s great about this that it is resistant to drought plus it is quite tough especially when it has been established. Just make sure that it gets a good amount of sun and plenty of drainage too.

These are just a few examples of container plants that you can grow in and around your house if you wish to keep the pests away. The beauty of these plants is that they can also be used for other purposes too, such as when you are cooking, and the like. And because they are decorative plants too, your garden will look even better too.