Get Help with Depression with Natural Remedies

Depression is not a laughing matter with millions of people affected by it. Adults are not the only ones who are plagued by this emotional struggle as children can have them too. Doctors tend to prescribe medication to alleviate depression and anxiety attacks but there are other alternatives that can be used in conjunction with them.

Although it is still important to follow your doctor’s advice with regards to your depression, you might want to try these natural remedies out as well.

Follow a healthier and happier diet 

One of the safest ways to boost one’s mood is to follow a healthier diet. A good rule of thumb to follow when you are having bouts of depression is to eat foods that contain omega-3 essential fatty acids, healthy fats, and other nutrients. Try having more fish, nuts, eggs, and sour cherries even as these are all loaded with vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats that can improve your overall mood. 

Include zinc in your list of nutrients to have 

Studies have shown that those who are suffering from depression tend to have lower zinc levels than normal. This is why, it might be a good idea to increase your zinc uptake by taking supplements or eating fish and oysters at least once a week. 

Meditation can help 

Learning the art of meditation can aid you in combatting depression. This may be tough to follow at first, but once you master the art of quelling the noise inside your mind,  you will be able to reach a calm and relaxed state that can banish your depressive thoughts. Start by finding a quiet place where you can be alone for an hour. Sit comfortably in a chair or pillow and allow yourself to close your eyes. Pay attention to your breathing and nothing else. Allow your mind to let go of all its thoughts until you have emptied it. If a thought comes, acknowledge its presence, but let it go. Regulate your breathing and stay in this place for 10 to 20 minutes or as long as you can manage. 


Saffron is one of the most expensive spices in the world and is revered in many cuisines but did you know that aside from giving your food that extra flavor, this spice can also help you deal with depression? There have been several studies conducted on the effects of saffron to those who are suffering with depression with the results showing that the symptoms were reduced significantly. You should take saffron supplements in 15mg doses two times a day or use the saffron petal extract to combat symptoms of depression. 

Drink some chamomile tea 

Sometimes, depression can be triggered because of sleep problems. If you are having a hard time drifting off to sleep, chances are that your hormones will go out sync thus triggering your depression. One way to combat this is to have some chamomile tea at least 30 minutes before bed time to help you relax. You’ll find that it is easier for you to get some good night’s sleep with this routine.

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