Healthy PicksDrink Palo Azul Tea Regularly and Enjoy the Following...

Drink Palo Azul Tea Regularly and Enjoy the Following Perks

Most herbal teas are dark brown to light yellow in color. There is one herbal tea that will surely grab your attention because it has an incredibly rich blue color. However, it’s not just the appearance that is interesting about it, but also the numerous health benefits that drinking it is known to bring.

The said tea is palo azul tea, and it’s made by brewing the bark of a small tree, the palo azul tree, which can be found nowhere else on the planet but only in South America.

Because of this, it can be very challenging to get your hands on palo azul tea. Often, you have to pay one local herbal store after the other a visit just to come across this very elusive yet highly advantageous herbal drink. It’s also possible for you to obtain the product on the internet, which is an option that’s time- and energy-saving. Just make sure that you are about to get it from a reputable online seller!

When shopping for palo azul tea, you have a few choices: tea bags, grinds and bark chunks. Proponents say that palo azul bark chunks yield the most potent palo azul tea.

But fret not if you are having an extremely difficult time obtaining palo azul bark chunks because making do with tea bags and grinds is also fine, although you may have to brew more and for a longer period of time just to end up with a really powerful serving of palo azul tea — allowing your tea to brew for a couple of days is recommended.

So what are the things that make palo azul tea amazing? Here are some of them:

It Helps Remove Toxins

The consumption of palo azul tea is commonly done in South America for the elimination of poisonous substances in the body. The herbal drink has loads of antioxidants that zap toxins. What’s more, it has diuretic properties — it is capable of increasing urine production to speed up the elimination of poisons and waste products in the blood.

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It Prevents and Cures UTIs

Because it increases the production of urine, palo azul may be employed not only for the prevention of urinary tract infections or UTIs, but also for treating it. Boosting urine output helps flush out bacteria that are behind the infection of the urinary system. The antibacterial properties of palo azul tea also contribute a lot.

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It Also Helps Dissolve Kidney Stones

Palo azul tea is also a well-known traditional remedy for kidney stones. Again, it’s for the fact that this herbal beverage from South America has diuretic properties. By keeping the production and elimination of urine facilitated, those kidney stones can be kept from growing, making them smaller until they can be passed via the urine.

It Alleviates Pain and Inflammation

A lot of those who are bugged by painful and swollen joints like the knees, hips and lower back said the intake of palo azul tea helped them attain relief. It doesn’t really come as a shock because numerous scientific investigations revealed that palo azul tea is loaded with compounds with amazing anti-inflammatory properties.

It Regulates Blood Sugar

People who are diagnosed with diabetes as well as those who are told by their doctors that they are at high risk of the disease may benefit from palo azul tea, courtesy of its ability to regulate blood sugar levels. With the levels of sugar in the bloodstream kept in check, the complications it brings and the worsening of diabetes can be prevented.

Have you seen palo azul tea in person and, more importantly, have you tried drinking it? If so, kindly share your experience with this South American herbal drink in the comments section below!

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