5 Folk Remedies Worth Trying

In these modern times, we are all happily relying on modern medicine to make us feel better, since there are dozens of options to choose from. From treating mild headaches, toothache, various aches and pain, you can be assured that there is always something in your local pharmacy to help you out. But the more we use the same medicines over and over again, we develop a tolerance to them hence we will be using a higher dosage just to feel its effects.

That being said, there are many individuals in numerous health and wellness circles who are promoting the use of folk remedies. And these five examples are among those that are worth trying.

Honeysuckle leaves

Age spots may be starting to appear on your skin, but if you don’t want to be lathering your skin with chemically laden skin care products, why not try something natural like honeysuckle leaves? This remedy originated from Ireland which is a country with plenty of fair-skinned locals that freckle easily. They usually combine a handful of honeysuckle flowers and leaves and put them in a bowl of water to soak overnight, before splashing the mixture on their face the next day.

Wet socks

Do you want to banish your fever fast? Wash your feet in warm water first, then soak a pair of socks in cold water. Squeeze the extra water from the socks then wear it. Cover them with a pair of dry wool socks and go to sleep. It appears that this technique helps draw the blood to your feet which increases circulation which can break your fever.


The use of leeches for bloodletting was quite popular back in the days, and it appears that even today, the use of leeches is still being used in numerous hospitals, especially in surgeries, skin grafting and the like.


Ancient Greeks and Egyptians swore by the efficacy of the willow tree bark to alleviate pain. This was later proven by the Royal Society back in 1763. It appears that it can also be used to prevent cancer even.

Peanut butter and mustard

If you have run out of pain killers for your toothache, scoop some peanut butter and sprinkle some powdered mustard on top. Place the mustard-side down on the affected tooth to help alleviate the pain.

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