Recipe for Homemade Hand Sanitizer

Perhaps you have read somewhere that the FDA has ordered manufacturers of hand sanitizers to stop adding triclosan to their products. A very common antimicrobial agent, triclosan is believed to cause hormonal imbalance.

Haven’t read about it? Well, that’s practically it — the use of triclosan can disrupt the hormones, and we all know that such can lead to an assortment of health problems most especially among women.

It’s for this reason why more and more people are steering clear of hand sanitizers that contain triclosan. But who knows what other ingredients found in these products can also cause unfavorable health issues?

Want to keep your hands clean on a microscopic level but you don’t want to risk it? Then this article is made exclusively for you, especially if you are into all kinds of DIY projects.

That’s because this article will teach you how to make hand sanitizer from scratch, which is something that you may use to your heart’s content and still not worry about endangering your wellbeing.

What makes the homemade hand sanitizer you will later on learn how to produce work so very well is the use of certain essential oils, in particular those that are scientifically-proven to possess antimicrobial properties.

Tea tree oil is one of the essential oils used, and it’s no secret that it’s very good at zapping bacteria, viruses and fungi, which means that it can easily kill off any disease-causing microbe that’s not supposed to be on your skin.

Another essential oil used is cinnamon oil. While it’s true that this ingredient helps make your homemade hand sanitizer smell fantastic, it’s actually very good at eliminating microbes, too.

If you’re also a beauty-conscious person, you’ll be glad to know that the said hand sanitizer won’t leave your hands dry and rough, like most hand sanitizers available these days that contain lots and lots of alcohol.

Yes, the DIY hand sanitizer recipe below also lists alcohol as one of its ingredients. However, the amount is really minimal, which is not enough to cause excessive skin dryness.

Also, to offset any dryness that a small amount of alcohol may cause is the presence of a hydrating ingredient harvested from nature, which is also commonly added to a variety of beauty products.

Aloe vera gel — that’s the ingredient added that can help keep your hands soft and also nourished. Anyone who is into home remedies for various cosmetic issues knows that aloe vera gel promotes healthy and beautiful skin.

Can’t wait to make your very first batch of hand sanitizer that is devoid of that hormonal imbalance-causing triclosan? Then simply follow this very easy recipe:


1/4 cup of aloe vera gel 

1 tablespoon of rubbing alcohol 

10 drops of therapeutic-grade tea tree oil 

10 drops of therapeutic-grade cinnamon oil 

Distilled water


In a small mixing bowl, combine aloe vera gel and rubbing alcohol. 

Add tea tree oil and cinnamon oil and mix very well. 

If there’s an essential oil around whose scent you really like, feel free to add a couple of drops of it to the mixture — if you love the way your homemade hand sanitizer smells, then you will surely use it as necessary. 

Once mixed thoroughly, transfer to a small plastic bottle with a pump or spray cap. 

Use as you would any commercially-available hand sanitizer, making sure that you shake the container very well first.

That’s how you can come up with a hand sanitizer that is devoid of triclosan or any other ingredient that can put your health in some form of danger.

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