Tips on Growing the Beard

Some men prefer growing the beard for aesthetics. For some, having a beard looks unclean, but for others, having a beard makes them more mature and boosts their masculinity. In line with this, the following are some ways on growing the beard.


Washing and Exfoliation

Washing and exfoliating the skin helps grow the person’s beard. As per India Times, the person washes his skin with warm water using a mild cleanser two times a day, as clean skin makes hair grow faster. Also exfoliation helps remove dead skin cells and stimulates hair growth.


Coconut Oil as Moisturizer

Keeping oneself moisturized is a key in growing the beard. As per Chop Shop barber Kevin Kellet, as cited by Men’s Fitness, one could not go better than coconut. For him, it was natural, it smelled good, washed out, and added all the nutrients that a person would need.


Vitamins and Minerals

The beard grows naturally with the help of vitamins and minerals in the diet. According to Beardoholic, the person may consider talking with his doctor to take at least two milligrams of biotin each day. As per the publication, it helps boost the growth of the nails and the facial hair. Along with biotin, other essential vitamins and minerals include vitamin B6, vitamin C, vitamin E, beta-carotene, flax seed oil, and nettle. These supplements are available in health food and vitamin stores.



Physical activity also promotes beard growth. According to Balding Beards, exercise like weight lifting increases the hormone testosterone, which is responsible for a man’s secondary sexual characteristics, which include body hair growth. As per the publication, brief and intensive exercises also boost testosterone levels and prevent its reduction. Also, exercising promotes blood circulation, which means protein and vitamins will be transported to the hair.


Ignore the Itch

The beard may be itchy for the first two weeks up to the first month and a half, according to Murdock London. As per the publication, this is due to the accumulation of dirt in the beard. While oil and moisturizers can be used on the beard, it is also vital to keep in mind the the itchiness will naturally subside. According to Men’s Fitness, the person should just moisturize and shampoo, which leads the face to adjust with the growing hair.

Growing the beard promotes a man’s maturity and masculine aura. While hair growth is primarily affected by genetics, the above tips may also help in growing the beard to increase the person’s self-confidence.






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