Coconut Nectar: What are the Perks of Using This Sweetener?

If you dream of having a long, happy and healthy life, then one of the things that you should greatly avoid is refined sugar. Luckily, there are so many alternatives to refined sugar available these days, and some of the most praiseworthy ones are those that come from natural sources, such as coconut nectar.

Want to know more about coconut nectar? Continue reading — this article will get you introduced to it, most especially the many health benefits that it’s known to offer.

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Where It Comes From

Just like what the name suggests, coconut nectar comes from the coconut tree, in particular its flowers. Coconut flowers may not be the prettiest flowers (look them up on Google!) but they do yield a lot of nectar.

Coconut nectar is obtained by tapping the flowers of the coconut tree. It’s pretty much the same process as obtaining maple syrup by tapping the trunks of sugar maple trees or some other varieties of maple trees. And once enough nectar is obtained from coconut flowers, they are boiled for several minutes.

These days, you can buy coconut nectar in two forms — powdered and syrup. The one to go for will depend on your personal preferences or cooking needs. But whether you opt for coconut nectar powder or coconut nectar syrup, it’s for certain that you will enjoy the same health benefits.

But just because coconut nectar comes from the coconut tree doesn’t necessarily mean that it has a coconut-y taste to it. Actually, a lot of people say that coconut nectar’s taste is kind of similar to that of maple syrup!

What are the Health Perks Offered

More and more people are ditching refined sugar and switching to alternatives to it. A lot are also turning their backs on artificial sweeteners, the kinds that are produced inside laboratories, as numerous studies have revealed their contemptible sides. It’s for this reason why all-natural sweeteners like coconut nectar are so popular.

Stevia, raw honey, maple syrup, date sugar, molasses — these are some of the most well-known sugar substitutes that come straight from nature.

Well, coconut nectar is something that deserves to be on the list, too. Aside from being an all-natural alternative to refined sugar, coconut nectar also offers a number of health perks, and some of them are:

It helps regulate blood sugar levels

Experts say that coconut nectar has a low glycemic index of 35. Compared to the glycemic index of refined sugar, which is 80, that’s definitely a lot lower! It’s exactly for this reason why coconut nectar is perfect for diabetics as it won’t cause their blood sugar levels to spike.

It assists in weight reduction

A lot of people who wish to get rid of excess pounds opt for foods that are low in glycemic index since having high levels of sugar in the blood can leave them feeling hungry all the time. With a low glycemic index, it’s the ideal alternative to refined sugar for those who wish to lose weight.

It is incredibly loaded with nutrients

According to nutrition experts, coconut nectar provides a wide array of nutrients that the body needs for optimal functioning and health. This all-natural replacement for refined sugar contains amino acids, zinc, magnesium, vitamin C, B vitamins and medium-chain fatty acids.

Have you already tried sweetening foods and beverages with coconut nectar? How was your experience with this healthy alternative to refined sugar? Don’t feel too shy to share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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