Mushrooms — they are very low in calories and fat and they have zero cholesterol, plus most of them boast of a meat-like texture. And this is why they are loved by vegetarians and health-conscious people alike. Some of the most consumed types of mushrooms out there are chanterelle mushrooms, which are the focus of this article.

These days, chanterelle mushrooms can be easily purchased fresh at your favorite supermarket most especially when they are in season. Worry not during off seasons as they are available all year round in cans.

You may also simply harvest chanterelle mushrooms in damp areas of the wild, most especially if you live in Asia, Europe, North America and Africa where they grow abundantly. However, it’s a much better idea for you to stick to supermarket-bought chanterelle mushrooms if you are not very good at identifying mushrooms. That’s because they look just like jack- o’-lantern mushrooms which are not good for human consumption as they are poisonous!

Now that we have just did a quick background checking of chanterelle mushrooms, it’s now time for us to focus on the many health perks they’re known to bring. Here are the reasons for you to include them in your diet:

They Keep Depression at Bay

Chanterelle mushrooms are fantastic sources of vitamin D that’s important for regulating the mood. So if you are feeling sad and you cannot sit under the sun for several minutes, simply consume something that has chanterelle mushrooms in it to get your supply of vitamin D and have your mood lifted.

They Strengthen the Bones

It’s not just depression that vitamin D can help combat, but also osteoporosis. That’s because vitamin D is something that assists the body in absorbing calcium so that your bones may take advantage of it.

They Control Various PMS Symptoms

Adding chanterelle mushrooms in the diet is a wonderful idea if you are like many women who encounter all sorts of nasty symptoms just before getting their period. According to scientists, manganese in chanterelle mushrooms is capable of reducing various PMS symptoms like headaches and mood swings.

They Help Build Muscles

Not only do chanterelle mushrooms have the same texture as meat, but they also supply the body with protein just like meat! It’s because of this why their intake can help in building and repairing those muscles.

They Encourage Weight Reduction

Being very low in fat and calories, chanterelle mushrooms can be very beneficial for those who are trying to drop excess pounds. The fact that these mushrooms are also rich in protein and fiber makes them feel heavy on the stomach, keeping you from overeating or experiencing hunger pangs.

They Help Reduce Stress

If you are leading a very busy day-to-day life, consider having chanterelle mushrooms more often. That’s because their vitamin B5 and antioxidant content is known to help control the nasty effects of stress on the body and mind.

They Promote Regular Bowel Movement

Just like what’s mentioned earlier, chanterelle mushrooms are rich in fiber. It’s due to this why their regular addition to the diet can help keep constipation from striking. Make sure that you also include other fiber-rich foods in your diet as often as possible because, according to experts, they may help lower your colon cancer risk.

They May Lower Heart Disease Risk

Since chanterelle mushrooms are rich in fiber plus they contain absolutely no cholesterol, their regular consumption paired with other healthy foods and regular exercise may lower one’s risk of heart disease, heart attack and stroke.

Do you have vegetarian or health-conscious family and friends who are looking for healthy ingredients that can be used as substitutes for meat? Then repost this article online to get them acquainted, too, with chanterelle mushrooms!