Benefits of Tongkat Ali

You’ve probably heard about Tongkat Ali in various health and wellness articles. Well this herb was used by the Orang Asli, also referred to as the Jungle People, who lived in the Malay Peninsula as their go to cure for all ailments. Today, scientists are conducting further studies on the plant to determine what medicinal benefits can be gained from using this plant. Here are a few of the medicinal plants that can be gained from Tongkat Ali.

Antibacterial treatment

One of the numerous benefits that you can get from Tongkat Ali is that it contains antibacterial properties that can be used to treat various bacterial infections such as salmonella typhi, serratia marscesens, and E.coli just to name a few. There is more to this antibacterial benefit of Tongkat Ali that researchers are sure to discover.

Fights stress

Another benefit to this particular plant is that it has been found to reduce one’s cortisol levels. Taking around 200mg of this root extract can help you manage your stress levels properly which can be helpful to your overall health in the long run.

Treats cancer

Studies show that the extracts from the root of the plant has beta-carboline alkaloids which have been found to combat cancer cells that are forming in the lungs and breast even. It is possible that Tongkat Ali may help with treating the cancer cells in the long run especially when they are detected early on.

Reduces anxiety

What else can Tongkat Ali do for you? According to a study that was presented in the Japanese Journal of Pharmacology, this plant is useful when it comes to reducing one’s anxiety. The study shows Tongkat Ali works just like diazepam which can help lessen any anxious feelings that you may have. If the studies are correct, you might have a natural remedy on hand that can help you control your anxiety better.

Boosts libido

Another benefit to this plant is that it can enhance one’s libido. This makes it a useful tool to those who are suffering from sexual problems especially in male. You will find that this herb works like a natural Viagra which is helpful to those who are having sexual issues.

Heals dysentery

What else can you get out of this plant? It can actually help treat dysentery. When the fruit turns ripe, it can be ingested to get to the root of the problem. This is one of the reasons why this herb has often been used in treating various ailments. 

These are just a few examples of health benefits that are associated with Tongkat Ali. As you can see, it is not really surprising to find that most of health products are using this root extract because of its numerous health advantages.

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