Home Remedies for Homesickness

Whether it’s for a college diploma or work, it sucks to leave your hometown and be very far away from your family and friends. Being homesick can definitely make you feel even more miserable in a foreign place!

If you have no choice but to be miles and miles away from everyone you care about, keep on reading.

This article is made especially for you because it will teach you some very simple yet highly effective home remedies for homesickness.

Make sure that you share this on social media afterwards — you might have relatives and pals that are also spending time away from home and are currently feeling homesick!

Stay in Touch, But Not Too Much

Thanks to the internet, it’s possible for you to stay in touch with everyone back home at any given time or day. Go ahead and send them e-mails or chat messages to minimize your homesickness.

However, don’t do it all the time because it will actually only make you even more homesick!

Needless to say you should refrain from being on social media on a 24/7 basis!

Go Out

There are a couple of reasons why it is definitely a good idea for you to go out rather than stay indoors and feel miserable because your family and friends are so far away from you.

First, it allows you to get vitamin D from the sun, and vitamin D is a great mood lifter!

Second, going out enables you to explore your new home. By discovering some really exciting places to visit, you don’t have to miss your old home as much.

Make the Indoors Familiar

Because it’s not all the time that you’re outdoors, it’s highly recommended for you to make the indoors something that will make you feel right at home.

You can decorate your space with items from your home, like rugs, throw pillows, curtains and others. Of course framed photos of your family and friends can help make it seem like they’re around.

Have New Friends

Because your friends are now several miles away, it’s a good idea to meet new ones. No, it’s not to replace your old ones — it’s just to make your circle of friends a lot bigger!

It’s a bonus if you can connect with people who are just like you that moved to the area because of school or career.

Also, it’s a good idea for you to make friends with like-minded people. Just imagine how exciting life can be in your new home if you’re friends with those who also like basketball, music, photography or gardening!

Don’t Go Home Too Often

Finally, try to avoid going home every weekend or holiday because it will only make matters worse — you will feel homesick after saying bye-bye all over again, keeping you from getting over homesickness.

Once or twice a year of paying your family and friends a visit is perfectly fine. 

Can you think of any other effective solution for homesickness? Don’t be too shy to share it in the comments section below so that others may try it, too!

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