Innovative Technology Revolutionizing Medicine

Medicine has found an ally in technology in combating illnesses that were once invincible. Medical technological advancements have allowed us to view in great detail what is inside our bodies, the bodily processes and diseases and how they are formed. As this innovative technology is utilized properly, more lives could be saved. Some of these include:

3D Printing

A clamor welcomed the invention of the 3D printer. Not only was it applied to industrial and the mechanical world but also to medicine. Anatomically accurate models of different body parts have been printed for a variety of reasons. New medical students can visualize each procedure using 3D printed models while seasoned doctors can print organs for transplanting. Though 3D printing is still in its early ages, its potential for numerous applications in the medical community can definitely save lives.

Electronic Aspirin

Chronic migraine sufferers experience excruciating pain and can often be debilitating. More often than not, medication does little to no effect. This is due to the fact that most chronic headaches and/or migraines are associated with a facial nerve bundle called sphenopalatine ganglion (SPG). Though doctors have been long aware of this, they haven’t had a long-term solution for this. This is where a tech company in California steps in. They have created a device that is implanted to the gum with the lead tip connected to the SPG. The patient then activates it during an onset of a headache using a remote controlled device aimed near the implant.

Pancreatic Cancer Detection Method

A 15-year old prodigy has developed a method in detecting pancreatic cancer in its early stages. His invention, a small dipstick, is laced with antibodies. This reacts to a protein called mesothelin which is present in the blood of pancreatic cancer patients. This has astounded the medical community because this method of pancreatic cancer detection is 90% accurate.

Artificial Retinas

People who are legally or totally blind due to retinal degenerative diseases, have been given hope of one day restoring their vision. A company, Nano-Retina has created the NR600 Implant which acts as a replacement for damaged photoreceptors and emits electrical signals to activate the healthy retinal cells.

Disinfecting Light Bulbs

Eliminating microbial entities is a hard task for anyone. However, a light technology is creating a buzz due to its ability to get rid of bacteria and other microorganisms that could possibly spread diseases. The 405 nm light emitted from Indigo-Clean bounces off surfaces and targets the porphyrins inside microbes, thus, eliminating them.

Water Treadmill

Revamping the traditional treadmill doesn’t sound very innovative, right? On the contrary, the water treadmill is designed for absorbing the shock that the joints take whenever you run. This is perfect for athletes undergoing rehabilitation or for people who have low mobility due to joint and/or muscle issues.

Vein Locator

Sticking a needle into the arm can be quite a scene especially when the one administering is unable to find a vein. Well, veins become visible with the help of a vein locator. The hemoglobin in the blood when exposed to infrared light becomes more distinct than the surrounding tissues.

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