8 Facts about Coconut Oil You Should Know

The coconut tree is highly appreciated in different parts of the world not only because of its meat and water, but also for the number of health benefits that are linked to it. Coconut is quite versatile in the sense that it has many uses.  There is nothing wasted with the coconut tree from the water, the kernel hull, even the leaves can be used. The oil that is extracted from this tree is also used in cooking. So what else should you know about coconut oil?

It’s good for the hair

Coconut oil is a common ingredient found in a variety of shampoos, conditioners, and even several hair products. One reason why this is a favourite ingredient is that its low molecular weight allows it to penetrate deep into the shaft of the hair where it can nourish the hair strands so they will become healthy and strong.

It works as an anti-aging moisturizer

Another fact about coconut oil is that it comes with anti-aging properties that can actually help protect your skin from lines, wrinkles, and the like. You can apply it directly on your skin or mix it with carrier oil that will deliver lots of moisture to your skin.

It can substitute for milk in ice cream

Not everyone can eat ice cream especially those who have milk intolerance. The idea of eating bland ice cream is not really appealing. Fortunately, adding virgin coconut oil into the mix can be a good substitute against milk. Not only will the ice cream taste great but it will also smell great and has that creamy texture too.

It treats sunburn

You can also use coconut oil to treat sunburned skin because of the healthy fats that it contains that is good for the skin. Apply some on your sun damaged skin and you will see a huge difference to your skin’s condition in just a few days. Since the oil is thin, it can be easily absorbed by the skin.

It can be used for baby massage

Another fact about coconut oil is that it is actually good for newborns. Massaging your baby with coconut oil actually promotes weight gain. Do this at least four times in a day and you will see a significant change to your little one’s weight within a week or two. The oil is actually good on your baby’s skin.

It can treat cold sores

Who would have thought that coconut oil can also be used to treat cold sores? All that you have to do is to apply some of the oil on your lips several times in a day to speed up the healing process. As an added benefit, coconut oil can moisturize your lips.

It removes makeup better

Ever had trouble removing eye makeup? It might be that your waterproof mascara is giving you a hard time when it comes to removing it. Instead of leaving it overnight, soak a cotton pad in coconut oil and wipe it on your face to get rid of any traces of makeup on your skin. You will find that it is easier to clear up your skin with this oil.

It is good for the hair

For those who are suffering from dry and brittle hair, you will find that coconut oil is good for your hair. The fatty acids present in it can help nourish dry scalp and can even strengthen your hair strands too. 

These are just a few facts that you should know about coconut oil. There is more to be gained with coconut oil so make sure that you add this to your daily care routine to reap its numerous benefits.

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