Get to Know the Health Benefits of Blackstrap Molasses

Sugar cane is crushed and boiled several times in order to obtain from it various types of sugar. During the third boiling, a dark-colored liquid comes into being, which is known as blackstrap molasses. It is a widely-used sweetener because, unlike refined sugar, it provides sweetness and at the same time high concentrations of vitamins and minerals.

Blackstrap molasses is popularly used as sugar substitute in baking. However, it is commonly combined with a different kind of sweetener such as maple syrup or honey — blackstrap molasses is not entirely as sweet as sugar, plus using a lot of it kind of brings out the mild bitter flavor this thick syrup possesses.

In spite of that, a lot of health-conscious individuals are in love with blackstrap molasses. Since it contains way less sugar than refined sugar, employing it can help in avoiding all sorts of problems linked to excessive consumption of refined sugar.


Blackstrap molasses is known to offer these really impressive health benefits:


It Supplies Your Body with Good Amounts of Iron

One of the minerals found abundantly in blackstrap molasses is iron, which is essential for the proper formation of RBCs. Short for red blood cells, RBCs are the ones that make it possible for your blood to carry oxygen molecules from your lungs to the various cells and tissues of the body. A diet that is lacking in iron can bring about iron-deficiency anemia, a disorder wherein your blood is inefficient in carrying oxygen. To help prevent iron-deficiency anemia, your diet should consist of foods that are rich in iron, and one of them is blackstrap molasses.


It Helps Keep Your Blood Pressure Normal

We all know that potassium is important for warding off high blood pressure, which can increase your risk of having heart disease, heart attack and even stroke. When potassium is the topic, most people think bananas — these tropical fruits, undeniably, are excellent sources of potassium. But did you know that blackstrap molasses also contains good amounts of the said blood pressure-regulating mineral? So to help keep your blood pressure within normal range, consider using blackstrap molasses as you choice for sweetening baked goodies and various beverages.


It Promotes Stronger and Healthier Bones

Another mineral present in blackstrap molasses is calcium. It’s no secret that the said mineral is very important for keeping your bones strong and healthy. That is why the addition of blackstrap molasses and other calcium-rich foods in your diet on a regular basis can help in preventing fractures and osteoporosis, a condition that causes the bones to become brittle. Furthermore, there is also manganese in blackstrap molasses. According to experts, manganese helps your bones absorb calcium in the blood more efficiently.


It is Capable of Regulating Your Blood Sugar Levels

Those who have diabetes or at high risk of having it can benefit from using blackstrap molasses. Scrap that — everybody can benefit from this well-loved refined sugar substitute! That’s because experts say that blackstrap molasses is slowly introduced into the bloodstream, thus keeping at bay abnormally high sugar levels in the blood. Just like what was stated very early in this article, blackstrap molasses is not as rich in sugar as refined sugar. Provided that it is used in moderation, you don’t have to worry each time you wish to please your sweet tooth.


It Also Helps Keep Your Skin Looking Young

Blackstrap molasses is loaded with antioxidants that eliminate excess free radicals in your body. It is exactly due to this why the consumption of blackstrap molasses can help ward off problems caused by free radical damage, such as skin aging. Paired with healthy eating habits, regular exercise, effective stress management, avoidance of excessive sun exposure and getting a good night’s sleep, the use of blackstrap molasses as an alternative to refined sugar can help delay the appearance of unattractive aging signs such as fine lines and wrinkles.

There are so many other health benefits that blackstrap molasses is known to bring, courtesy of its amazing nutritional profile. The above are just some of the most remarkable of them all.







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