Learn about the Health Benefits of Oil of Oregano

Did you know that oregano oil is the ultimate antibiotic? It is a powerful herb that boasts unique healing properties. According to research it contains eight times more antioxidants than apples and three times more than that in blueberries. Antioxidants are vital as they protect the body from free radical damage. They are also responsible in boosting immune system functioning. Truly, oregano oil is the most potent plant oil to date.

The use of oregano oil as a healing ingredient started in ancient Greece. It was once called the joy of the mountains as the oil was primarily used for medicinal purposes due to its potent antiviral, antibacterial, antiseptic, and antifungal properties. During these times, it was used for pain relief and treatment for inflammation. It was the most commonly used antibacterial compound by the great Hippocrates. Traditionally, oregano leaves were used to treat and manage illness related to gastrointestinal and respiratory systems.

Oregano Oil as Antibiotic

Oregano oil is packed with minerals including manganese, boron, copper, potassium, zinc, magnesium, and calcium. In addition, it contains Vitamins A and C and Niacin.

The four powerful groups of chemicals that serve as active healing agents can be found in oregano oil. For instance, phenols including thymol and carvacrol can be found in oregano oil. They are primarily known for their antiseptic properties and are loaded with antioxidants too.

Terpenes such as pinene and terpinene boast antiseptic, antiviral, and anesthetic, and anti-inflammatory qualities. Linalool and bonreol are long-chain alcohols that are found in oregano oil too. They have antiviral and antiseptic properties.

Esters include genaryl acetate and linalyl acetate. These compounds are known to exhibit antifungal properties.

All of these compounds have proven healing qualities, all of which can be found in oregano oil. Of all these healing natural chemicals, carvacol seems to be the most effective antibiotic known to Medical Science.

The most potent oregano strain can be found in real wild Mediterranean Oregano, specifically thymus capitatus and origanium vulgar both of which are grown locally in Spain. Oregano oil extracted from these plants contain up to 70% more carvacrol. More importantly, oregano oil is free of side effects and thus is safe when compared alongside pharmaceutical-grade antibiotics.

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