Children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or ADHD are commonly given medications to have the symptoms of the said very common problem put under control, such as their being hyperactive.

However, mild cases of ADHD can actually be dealt with through some all-natural means. For instance, there are so many things that parents of hyperactive children can do in order to make it easier for them to lead stress- and worry-free day-to-day lives. Some of the best natural remedies for hyperactivity in kids are as follows:

Set a Daily Schedule

Because kids who are hyperactive tend to look for something new or different, which only contributes to their being overly active, it’s a good idea for parents to create a routine and do their best to make their kids stick to it on a daily basis. This solution can help keep hyperactive children from engaging in activities that can make things really stressful.

Make Exercise a Daily Habit

At least 30 minutes every single day, parents may get their little ones to engage in physical activities that double as exercise routines, such as swimming, dancing, gardening and playing with the dog. Other than being good for their overall health, regular exercise can also help expend excess energy and thus control hyperactivity.

Reward Them From Time to Time

Each time hyperactive children are able to behave properly, it’s a great idea for them to be praised to let them know that they did well and that it was appreciated. Rewarding them with something nice may also be done, but once in a while only to save them from expecting a surprise each time they conduct themselves accordingly.

Limit Intake of Sugar

There is no denying that the consumption of sugary foods and beverages can worsen hyperactivity in children, and that’s why parents should do their best to keep their kids from getting their hands on cakes, cookies, donuts, ice cream, chocolate milk, soda — anything that has tons of sugar in it.

Include More Healthy Fats

Experts say that omega-3 fatty acids are great for everyone as they help boost brain and nerve health. The said healthy fats can be especially beneficial for hyperactive children, and that’s why their everyday diet should include foods that are loaded with omega-3 fatty acids, such as oily fish, egg yolks, nuts and seeds.

Fill the Air With Chamomile

It’s a wonderful idea for the home to be filled with the fragrance of chamomile as it can be very relaxing, and that’s why parents may invest in essential oil diffusers. Chamomile can be especially helpful at night to help get hyperactive kids to catch some Z’s. Other fragrances superb for the job are lavender, ylang ylang, rose and bergamot.

Practice What’s Being Preached

Sure it can be disheartening for parents to restrict or limit certain activities that their children love for the sake of putting their hyperactivity under control. What parents may do to make their kids understand that it’s for the better is by partaking, like they should also not sit in front of the TV while the said activity is off limits.