A Great Excuse to Eat More: Brain Boosting Foods

A Great Excuse to Eat More: Brain Boosting Foods

Well…to eat more healthily is what I truly mean. We are taught that stress is something to harness, not totally avoid. It is an element within us biological creatures and it is a normal signifier on that simply tells us we are reacting from this situation to decide whether it’s fight or flight. The thing is a lot of people misunderstand stress and has not mastered their own. Stress has a charge and it can be negative or positive, that is up to you though.

The two leading causes of ailments I must say in my opinion is stress and food choices. It is very human to easily forget what is precious to us and to succumb to a life of cycles, non-progress and the tendency to get into unstable moods. This is just general discomfort and it is general discomfort left alone that leads to illness.

A busy schedule does not serve as a valid excuse for the modern day westernized busy bee- for people are now more aware of health and fitness along with more open-mindedness in accepting things like yoga, meditation and alternative medicine (although modern medicine is alternative medicine and natural remedies work best). Keep in mind that potato chips, ice cream and greasy fish fingers provide temporary pleasure and a worse ending.

But enough of this babbling, here is a short and sweet list on very healthy foods that are kickass in combating stress.

  1. Whole grains

    Packed with good carbohydrates and gentle on your digestive functions especially if you go for the lower-gluten choices like brown rice, brown pasta, wheat brean, barely, etc. Going for a homemade whole grain cereal, barely bread or barely tea or a slew of muesli with yogurt or a dark chocolate oat bar with raspberries is a good idea instead of ice cream or pecan pie.

  2. Eat more fish especially oily fish

    We already get a lot of omega-6 from plant sources but fish is known to pack some omega-3 fatty acids which are beneficial to the cardiovascular muscles. Definitely a healthy fat, in supplements they are boring and smelly but if you have the actual fish, now that is treating yourself to something good.Salmon, trout, herring, mackerel and sardines are great examples.

  3. Lycopene-rich foods

    Lycopene is a carotenoid antioxidant that has long proven to aid against heart diseases and cancers and even put off the aging process. Eating too much of lycopene-rich foods can turn your skin reddish or orange just like carrots though. Tomatoes , asparagus, carrots and chilis have very high levels of lycopene and it is not difficult to incorporate these in your diet more. Watermelon, red mangoes and grapefruit are rich in lycopene too.

  4. Get to know another family, the B Vitamin family!

    B vitamins help break down food into fuel and keep our systems and especially immune systems and blood production to run smoothly. Vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9 and B12 Or B-complex also is a powerful stimulator of serotonin. Some examples: Thiamin is B1 and is responsible for providing energy for cells and DNA synthesis and Riboflavin is B2 which is a basic building block for growth and energy on a DNA level. Niacin is B3 or nicotinic acid and is involved in over 200 bodily chemical processes. B7 is biotin which is for the hair, skin and nails and B9 is folic acid which is vital in blood production.

  5. Up your fiber amount

    One of the main cons of eating out a lot or just following your last cravings is a severe lack of fiber. Sure you may be used to it before or at first, but getting stocked up, sweaty, bloated and uncomfortable is not the way to live. A nutritious and fiber rich diet with an active or even semi-active life is vastly different from a sedentary one filled with junk food.

  6. Wash your new diet down with more water, herbal teas, fresh fruit juices

    Instead of sugary drinks and shakes and those horrible, cheap and addictive energy drinks.Fruit juice can be amazing unhealthy if it has gone through so many processes. Water is the most important drink we tend to forget and because of this a lot of us fall ill for silly health mistakes. You will notice how much fat and water weight you will drop when you switch to water, tea and brewed black coffee instead of Starbucks frappe.

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