Naughty Foods for Holiday

People are currently in the range of the holiday season and most eat whatever they see on the table. Children are not the only ones who are naughty during the holidays; food can be naughty too.

Turkey skin

is one of the foods in the naughty list. According to Web MD, chicken and turkey skin are rich sources of saturated fat and per gram, fats are considered to be high in calories than carbohydrates or protein. It is known that excess calories are converted into fat when they are not utilized by the body and bad fats elevate cholesterol levels in the body. In addition, it should also be taken into account that dark meat has higher fat per bite, as compared to white meat. In order for turkey to be included in one’s nice list, the skin should not be served, leaving turkey breast and other meaty part for serving.


is another common food during the holiday season. A Christmas fruitcake is usually made up of rum and butter, along with dried fruits like cherries, mangoes, cranberries, currants, according to All Recipes. According to AOL, it is surprising to have such holiday dessert in the holiday naughty list. While a slice of fruitcake is packed with dried fruits, the dessert is also packed with around 450 calories and nearly 20 grams of fat. This is one reason why some people do not want to eat the seasonal cake. Fruitcake creator may consider modifying the sugar and fat content of the fruitcake to reduce its caloric content, making it appealing to health conscious individuals.

Packed with butter and high-fat meat like sausage

stuffing is another inclusion in the naughty section of the holiday foods list. Stuffing is known to have more than 500 calories; 550 calories to be exact, according to Web MD. With such digits, it is assumed that many would be turning away their backs from eating such food. One way to reduce its caloric content and make it nice is to replace butter with a low-sodium preparation of chicken broth while pork sausage could be replaced with low-fat chicken, oyster, or fruit. In fact, chicken breast would be a healthier option; aside from its less fat content, chicken breast is a good source of protein. Another option is to make wild rice stuffing.

People love potatoes in the form of fries and mashed potatoes

While it is known that the former is part of the naughty list, many might be surprised that mashed potatoes is also in the list of the naughty foods this holiday. It is not in the nice category, since it contains high amounts of butter and salt, though it also has a lot of milk. According to Calorie King, there are 237 calories in one cup or 7.4 oz of mashed potatoes and one would need to walk 62 minutes to burn 237 calories. That is equivalent to around an hour of walking, just to deplete the high amount of calories in the body and prevent it from becoming fat. In addition, mashed potatoes are high in sodium, despite of having no cholesterol. A possible way to transfer mashed potatoes to the nice food list is to mash the potatoes with low-fat milk or low sodium and fat-free chicken stock. It would also be nice to skip the salt and butter, since salt causes weight gain through water absorption while butter is a form of fat.

While some people believe that December is a “no-shape” month, some still agree that one can enjoy himself and have good choices among foods that are naughty and nice.

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