Boost Your Energy with These 5 Spices

Other than for culinary purposes, many spices are also commonly used for medicinal purposes. In this article, you will learn about 5 spices that can help give your energy levels a boost. So keep on reading if reaching for a cup of coffee or a can of energy drink is not an option.

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First things first: having low energy can be due to a lot of things, ranging from mental issues to physical disorders. But then there are cases in which it’s just due to high levels of stress. If it is apparent that the reason behind your having low energy is leading a toxic everyday life, try any of the spices below:

1. Cinnamon

There’s no denying that cinnamon is one of the most popular spices out there — it’s commonly used for making all sorts of desserts and baked products.

According to experts, cinnamon is very good at providing you with energy because of its ability to maintain normal levels of sugar. Especially if you are a diabetic or you’re told by your doctor that you are a prediabetic, you can take advantage of cinnamon to regulate your blood sugar and ultimately energy levels.

2. Cumin

Very popular for whipping up Indian and Middle Eastern dishes, cumin is just like cinnamon in that it is very good at regulating the levels of sugar in the bloodstream.

Actually, cumin has long been used by traditional healers in dealing with fatigue and exhaustion. Because of the spice’s incredible ability to increase a person’s energy, it is also usually employed as an aphrodisiac, which means it helps boost libido. Cumin is a well-known remedy for optimizing the functioning of the liver, too.

3. Cayenne

Another super popular spice is cayenne, thanks to its hot and spicy properties. It’s also known to many as an important ingredient to the lemonade diet, which is commonly employed for weight loss and detoxifying purposes.

What makes cayenne capable of boosting one’s energy levels is the compound capsaicin, the one responsible for the characteristic bite of this spice. Capsaicin is actually a stimulant that helps increase the core temperature of the body and also the metabolic rate. As a result, the cells of the body are provided with ample fuel.

4. Cardamom

Because of the aromatic smell and mild spiciness of cardamom, it is usually added to curries and desserts. Commonly, it is consumed in the form of tea especially by those who could really use some energy boost.

Based on numerous studies, cardamom is especially beneficial for people whose high blood pressure is leaving them tired and exhausted all the time. When a person has high blood pressure, the heart has to work harder all the time, which is something that can use up much of the energy of a person.

5. Cloves

The unmistakable aroma of cloves tends to fill the air when the holidays strike. It is also a popular all-natural solution for relieving toothache as well as bad breath — you just have to chew on a couple of cloves.

Did you know that cloves may also be employed for increasing your energy levels? That’s because it is an excellent reliever of stress, which is something that can leave you exhausted both physically and mentally. In addition, cloves are also capable of lifting the mood — feeling down can actually be draining.

WARNING: Prior to using any spice for therapeutic purposes, make sure that you inform your doctor about it first. This is especially true if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, or diagnosed with a medical condition.

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