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Health Benefits of Satsuma

A satsuma is a type of orange that is so easy to love because it is seedless and the peeling part is so much trouble-free. You may be wondering: why does it have a weird-sounding name? Well, that’s because the fruit was originally cultivated in Japan, but now it can be found in various parts of the planet.

That’s a good thing because it only means that more and more people can take advantage of the numerous perks that a satsuma brings. As one can expect, this fruit is an incredibly good source of vitamin C which is good for strengthening the immune system and keeping the skin young and healthy.

But there are so many other beneficial nutrients present in a satsuma, most of which will be mentioned later on in this article as we tackle the reasons why consuming it is good for the health.

Commonly, a satsuma is eaten just like an orange — you peel it and you pop one wedge after the other in your mouth. But in places where a satsuma is found abundantly, it is also often used for baking and making jams and other sweet treats. Indeed, there are so many ways to consume satsuma so that you may take advantage of the health benefits.

And what are those health benefits? Read on to know some of the most amazing ones!

Improved Digestion

Consuming a satsuma on a regular basis is great for keeping your digestive system in tip-top shape. The mere act of eating it helps increase digestive enzymes and juices, allowing the body to unlock all the vital nutrients in food. A satsuma also helps the population of beneficial bacteria residing in your gut to increase.

Lowered Constipation Risk

A satsuma is rich in fiber, which makes it an effective preventer of constipation. Fiber creates bulk that makes it easier for the lower part of your digestive tract to throw out the by-products of digestion, some of which can be poisonous. Enjoying a satsuma regularly, by the way, may also lower your risk of having colorectal cancer.

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Decreased Risk of Cancer

It’s not just colorectal cancer that a satsuma may help keep at bay, but also many other types of cancer. Scientists say that a wide variety of nutrients and compounds present in a satsuma are capable of preventing cells from mutating and potentially becoming cancer. Cancer is definitely scary, and eating a satsuma regularly may keep it from striking.

Strengthened Immune System

Just like any other type of orange on the face of the planet, a satsuma is loaded with vitamin C. This only means that the regular inclusion of this fruit that originated from Japan can help considerably lower your chance of having an infection of the upper respiratory tract, most especially during the cold or flu season.

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Beautified Skin

Vitamin C present copiously in a satsuma is not only good for a stronger immune system, but also beautiful skin. Vitamin C is really a powerful kind of antioxidant which is excellent at killing off excess free radicals that damage skin cells. Also, vitamin C is essential for the production of collagen that wards off wrinkles by firming up the skin.

Regulated Blood Pressure

A satsuma also supplies the body with potassium, which makes the said fruit excellent for people who have heart disease or at high risk of it. That’s because potassium helps keep the blood pressure normal by causing the blood vessels to relax. By the way, potassium is a contributor to bone strength, too.

Toughened Bones

Speaking of bone strength, a satsuma is also a good source of calcium. Everybody knows that this nutrient is so essential for strengthening the bones and keeping osteoporosis from striking. Paired with a regular exercise regimen, consuming a satsuma regularly can help save your bones from becoming weak and brittle.

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