How to Break Through a Plateau in Weight Loss

There are instances when we get stuck in a rut in our day-to-day lives. We may not admit it, but this can be pretty frustrating since you’re not making any progress at all. This can be more problematic if you are trying to lose weight, but it seems that you are not seeing any pounds disappearing. We all have experienced it at one time or another, and this is called weight loss plateau.

Weight loss plateau is a normal response by our body with all the calorie restriction that is happening. Just like in the case when you start lifting weights, there will come a time when you are not seeing any improvements and feels like you’ve hit a brick wall. Well, it’s simply our body’s way of adapting to the changes in your diet and workout routine. As soon as it has adapted, your body will start showing signs of improvement once more.

However, if you are worried that your weight loss routine is not moving forward, these tips and tricks can help you break through the barrier, so you will be able to see improvements once more.

Have more fiber

Adding more fiber to your diet is one way to jump start your weight loss as it is filling and packed with nutrients too. Experts recommend that you consume at least 30 grams of fiber from fruits, whole grains, and vegetables to help not only with your weight loss, but also with reducing your blood pressure and boosting your sensitivity to insulin.

Vary your workout routine

When you are not seeing any progress with your workout, you will need to start varying your routine. You can incorporate cardio with your weight lifting and resistance band training so that different muscle groups will be activated. Doing the same routine time and time again is guaranteed to stuck you in a rut.

Drink water

It is important that you are drinking water regularly as this will help keep your belly full too which can help with your weight loss. Not only that but drinking water can also keep you well hydrated too.

Cheat day

What else can you do to jump start your weight loss? Going on a cheat day is worth trying out. You see, while we are losing weight, fat gets lost too, and because of this, the less satiety hormones that will be produced in order to reduce the number of calories that will be expending. This is because our body is in preservation mode. One of the best ways to get your hormones up is to have more carbs, so that they will be burned at a regular rate. Have a burger or even a slice of pizza. You’ll find progress soon enough.

Try interval training

Since it is not just diet alone that you will be doing in order to lose weight, you will also need to consider what is happening in your workout routine too. If you want to jumpstart your weight loss through your workout, the best approach is to switch up your routine. Try interval training where you can alternate between mild to extreme pacing. This will definitely help your body start burning more calories in the process.

It is understandable that you will hit a wall with your weight loss from time to time, but if you are worried that you haven’t been seeing any progress lately, chances are you need help to get your weight loss up and running once more. Try the tips mentioned above to see if you can shed those pounds once more.

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