Basil Healing Treatments You Should Know

Raising herbs in your garden is sure to be a welcome addition not just because herbs can add a nice touch to your meals but because they can also be used as home treatments. Take for example the herb basil. This particular herb is perfect for adding flavor to scrambled eggs, pizzas, and other dishes that you are preparing but did you know that it is also useful for treating several health issues?

Here are some healing treatments that are linked to basil that you should keep in mind.

  • Respiratory problem. The medicinal properties of basil makes it a useful herb when it comes to treating respiratory ailments like asthma, influenza, and even bronchitis. You only need to mix a few basil leaves with some honey and ginger and drink this solution throughout the day. The presence of honey and ginger can boost your healing abilities while strengthening your immune system to combat various health problems that you are enduring.
  • Earache. Another way to use basil is when you are suffering from earache. You will need to massage the affected ear first with some oil then dip a cotton ball in basil oil before plugging it in your ear. The oil will be able to make its way into your inner ear where it can work its treatment. You will feel less pain afterwards.
  • Sore throat. Sore throat can lead to fever and cough if you don’t address it as soon as it begins. Yes, there are lozenges that can help soothe that itching sensation in your throat, but you will need a better solution to this. Most would gargle with salt and water but why not try gargling with basil leaves in lukewarm water? The healing and anti-inflammatory properties of basil can help soothe the passageways in your throat to relieve your discomfort.
  • Skin rashes. Skin rashes can happen from time to time but instead of leaving it alone or applying some cornstarch powder on the affected area, try using basil instead. Prepare some basil water and add some freshly squeezed lemon juice in it then mix. Apply afterwards on your skin rashes and allow to sit for 20 minutes before rinsing. The basil water will be able to ease the inflammation and irritation while the lemon can kill of any bacteria that may be triggering your skin rashes.
  • Eyesight woes. Our vision tends to deteriorate as we age. Sometimes, eye issues like sore eyes, or dryness, can cause discomfort too making it difficult for us to look at an object or person. Yes, there are plenty of eye care solutions being sold today but if you are into home remedies, basil can be a good option. One reason behind this is that basil contains vitamin A which improves one’s eyesight. It is also known to combat sore eyes as well as night blindness. You only need to chew on the leaves daily or make an eye treatment using basil juice.



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