Why You Should Welcome Tree Spinach Into Your Life

Also sometimes known as “chaya”, tree spinach is one of the most incredible plants on the planet. It tastes just like spinach but is several times more nutritious. Aside from being consumed as a vegetable, tree spinach is also being used for medicinal purposes. In fact, it is dubbed as “god’s gift” because it’s used for healing up to 100 diseases.

Native to Mexico, tree spinach thrives in numerous tropical countries. Growing tree spinach is very easy. All you have to do is snap off a part of it, stick it in the ground, and wait for it to grow rapidly.

Just like some other exotic vegetables on the planet, it’s important for tree spinach to be cooked thoroughly. That’s because it has toxic compounds in it that can be eliminated by exposure to high temperatures. But once cooked, you can have peace of mind eating tree spinach, and expect your body to be supplied with an impressive array of nutrients.

Aside from consuming it as a vegetable, tree spinach may also be taken in the form of tea. Allow 6 pieces of tree spinach leaves to steep in 2 cups of boiling water for about 10 minutes. Afterwards, remove the leaves and slowly drink the resulting tea. You may add a little raw honey or lemon to make it taste more palatable.

Whether you like to take tree spinach as a vegetable or tea, just go ahead. Either way, you will surely enjoy many different health benefits from its regular consumption. Some of the most noteworthy ones include:

Lowered Anemia Risk

Just like regular spinach, tree spinach is loaded with iron. It’s for this reason exactly why consuming it can help in lowering your risk of having iron-deficiency anemia. If you already have the said blood condition, then it can be reversed with something as simple as including more iron-rich foods like tree spinach in your diet.

Healthier Heart

Loads of antioxidants found in tree spinach help keep your entire cardiovascular system out of harm’s way. Tree spinach is also loaded with fiber, something that helps in lowering bad cholesterol levels as well as high blood pressure. Keeping both your cholesterol and blood pressure normal is key to reducing your risk of having heart disease.

Regulated Bowel Movement

Fiber present in impressive amounts in every serving of tree spinach helps make bowel movement a regular affair. This means that you will find it easier to dodge constipation as well as all the unfavorable symptoms it comes with. Consuming tree spinach in the form of tea works as an all-natural laxative, too.

Better Eyesight

Can’t imagine being in a world where you cannot see anything and everyone in it? Then make sure that you regularly add tree spinach in your diet. That’s because the said vegetable is an excellent source of vitamin A. Everybody knows that this vitamin is essential for healthy eyes and the prevention of eye diseases that can lead to loss of vision.

Stronger Immune System

Another vitamin found abundantly in tree spinach is vitamin C. If you want to dodge being down with a cold or flu, make sure that you consume lots of vitamin C-rich foods, including tree spinach. It’s because this particular nutrient is the single most important vitamin in making your immune system strong.

Reduced Osteoporosis Risk

The regular intake of tree spinach helps promote stronger bones because of its calcium content. However, there is another nutrient present in the said vegetable that also helps in strengthening the bones, and it’s phosphorous. To really keep osteoporosis from striking, pair your intake of tree spinach with regular exercise.

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