Remedies Home Remedies for Treating Burns

Home Remedies for Treating Burns

Working in the kitchen may be a pleasure especially when preparing meals for your family, but when your skin accidentally touches something hot, such as the side of the pan that you are using while cooking, or some drops of cooking oil lands on your skin, your first thought is sure to be how to get rid of the pain. Fortunately, there are ways in which you can alleviate that burning sensation on your skin with some simple home remedies like the ones below.

Cool compress

Prepare a clean wet cloth to be placed on the burnt area. This will help soothe the burning sensation while preventing the skin from swelling up. You can apply the compress every 5 to 15-minute intervals. If you are using cold compress, make sure that it is not too cold.

Mint toothpaste

Another remedy that can help with your burn is to apply some mint toothpaste to the damaged skin. You will need to wash the burned area in cold water first, then pat dry. Apply some mint toothpaste to it and leave it until it has dried. The cooling sensation that is coming from the mint ingredient can reduce the throbbing pain that you are feeling.

Aloe vera

If you want to be able to treat any burns that you may get when you are doing your kitchen duties, then make it a point to grow some aloe vera in your kitchen sink. This hardy plant is one of the best remedies that you can use for your burn. All that you have to do is to cut a leaf from the plant, slice it open, and get the gel from within. This is what you should apply on the burnt skin for you to feel relief from the burning sensation.

Avoid popping blisters

You may be tempted to pop the blister that has formed over your burnt skin, but you shouldn’t as this can lead to further infections. You can consult a doctor instead if you are concerned that you will be getting blisters from the burn.

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Tea bags

Black tea is known to contain tannic acid which can remove the heat that is emanating from the burn. This helps reduce the pain that you are feeling too. To treat your burns, place two to three cool and wet black tea bags on the injured skin, and cover it with a clean gauze.

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