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Best Study Apps to Try

Students needs all the help that they can get when it comes to their studies as the demands of teachers are growing as you progress in your school. By the time you reach college, your work load will triple, and you will have to juggle your extracurricular activities as well. For the most part, students see studying as a boring way to spend their day but since you cannot find good jobs without a college degree, making your study efforts more enjoyable may just be the boost you need to put more effort into your studies. Fortunately, there are many study apps that you can actually download to your smartphone that will help you breeze through college life.

My Study Life

With your busy schedule, there is a possibility that you may miss a deadline with your term paper, or perhaps a meeting with your class head to discuss your future, whatever it is that may require more attention to you, you might forget about them because of the tons of stuff that you got to do. If you need help in this department, My Study Life not only lets you store details on tasks that must be accomplished in a specific time frame, but you also get to save your work in Cloud for later access.


Sometimes, brainstorming lets you come up with a different approach to a difficult problem or project, and this is what XMind can do for you. This particular app is a mind-mapping software that can aid you in your research and flow of ideas. This app comes with organizational charts, matrix chart, as well as other templates that can aid you in your planning.


This is probably one of the most popular aps that students are using nowadays as it features news, schedules, checklists, links, attachments, everything that you will need to meet your teacher’s requirements. You can get this for free but the paid version will give you access to more features such as annotating PDF files, forwarding emails, and scan as well as digitize cards and the like.

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Exam Countdown Lite

Another app that you will find useful in your college life is the Exam Countdown Lite. As the name suggests, this app helps you keep track of exams in your school so you will be able to prepare for them. You can even get to customize this app to make it fit your personality. You can add notes to it as well if you need to jot down something during class.

Study apps like these do help students with their work load at school as they will be able to make use of their devices in a more efficient manner.

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